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Missing MQ and DB2 data in CICS Interdependency Analyzer

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I am running CICS Interdependency Analyzer for z/OS V5.2 and it is configured to collect both affintiy and interdependency data for DB2, IMS and MQ. I also have the Command Flow active and my transactions are only capturing IMS calls. I am not getting any DB2 or MQ commands. I confirmed in our monitoring product that task history detail shows IMS, DB2 and MQ requests from the tasks running during the CICS IA collection times. My CIULOG confirms DB2 and MQ are set to yes, but statistics shows only IMS records.

CIU2265I <mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss applid> DB2/IMS/MQ/CPSM OPTIONS: DB2=Y INQUIRE_DB2=Y MQ=Y IMS=Y CPSM=Y

CIU3324I <mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss applid> CINB: 160 IMS records saved

I would like to add additional data... I restarted dependency collections and command flow and watched the monitor until I saw a few transactions that has db2 and mq activity. Then with both collectors running I went into CINT and did a stats display on that cics region and paged forward. The CIU151 panel showed 1397 new dependencies, 1263 cics dependencies, 134 IMS dependencies, but ZERO dependencies for both DB2 and MQ. I then reviewed all of the settings but do not see anything indicating I have DB2 and MQ collections turned off anywhere.


If you have a program exclude list configuration for the collection, it may be excluding the program names that issue the DB2 and/or MQ commands so I would recommend you check that first. The default program exclude list is named CIUXPROG to exclude IBM provided program names. You can read more about exclude lists in the IBM Knowledge Center for CICS IA in topic 'Creating your own program exclude, transaction exclude, and resource prefix lists' at the link that follows:

If you rule out that a program exclude list is involved, you will need to collect the following diagnostic data to get a better understanding of why CICS IA is not collecting or reporting for DB2 and MQ requests.

Your CICS region where the collector is running should use auxtrace data sets of at least 25 cylinders each to ensure we capture the data.

Follow these steps to configure the diagnostic data collection.

  1. From CINT global options on panel CIU300 specify "3" for the "High Level Trace" and "Y" for "Restore Trace flags". After activating the CICS IA trace, they will need to use CINT to refresh the global options from screen CIU100 using option 6 for the region.

  2. Verify the collection settings for the region are correct.

  3. From CETR ensure the trace table size is 16M and internal and master system, and user trace flags are on. Using PF4 components, ensure all standard trace is 1 and the following components are 1-2. AP, EI, NQ, PG, RI, and SM.

  4. Get ready to invoke the transaction flow that should issue IMS, DB2 and MQ commands to recreate. If a command flow make sure CINC starts the command flow.

  5. Go back into CETR transaction in CICS and set auxiliary trace to STARTED.

  6. Recreate.

  7. From CETR stop auxtrace.

  8. From the console issue dump command:

    /DUMP COMM=(your dump title) /R ww,JOBNAME=(jobname),DSPNAME=('jobname',000??INT),CONT /R zz,SDATA=(RGN,PSA,ALLNUC,SQA,CSA,PSA,TRT,COUPLE,XESDATA),END

    where jobname is the name of the CICS region running CICS IA.
    The "000??INT" ensures whatever CICS IA data space name the operating system generates for this region is dumped.

  9. From CINT global options turn off High Level Trace.

  10. Stop the dependency and/or Command flow collectiors so we can see collector statistics in the log.

  11. Collect the complete CICS IA region joblog including the CIULOG and MSGUSR and CESE for any LE messages.

Open an IBM service request from the following link and then terse and ftp as binary, the complete region joblog, the dump, auxtrace datasets, and joblog for analysis by IBM L2 support.

Bill Bulfin IBM CICS IA L2 Support

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