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MaaS360, Android 10, and Device Admin Deprecation

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What will be the expected behavior on Android 10+ device when MaaS360 agent targets Android Q (10) APIs and Device Admin management (DA) is considered deprecated?


Device Admin policy features that will no longer be supported on Android 10+ with MaaS360 app version 7.20
  1. Passcode policies - Quality, length or expiry
  2. Restrictions > Camera
  3. Security > Disable Keyguard Features
  4. Device Management> Disable Device Management Actions 
  5. Wi-Fi policies >  Ability to detect whether a WiFi profile is configured is no longer available.  This may lead to some undesired outcomes. Eg:  same Wi-Fi profiles could be configured number of times
  6. App Compliance > Action policy > "Block from use" or "Block App" for any blocklisted application or apps running blocklisted permissions. 
  7. All OEM specific policies for LG, Kyocera, M3, Panasonic, Bluebird will not work. Samsung and Zebra specific policies will continue to work.
Other device and reporting impacts on Device Admin (DA) enrolled devices
•Factory WiFi MAC address, Platform Serial Number, and IMEI will no longer be reported on DA enrolled devices. 
•Google has deprecated Android Beam (NFC) support.  This will impact NFC based DO enrollments for devices on 10+
•Buzz, Send Message actions comes as notification, rather than a forced action. Buzz will time out after 3mins user does not accept.
•Background app restrictions imposed on Android 10.  Not all apps will function in the background as they did previously.
•Security Policies on Apps workflow such as Enforce authentication and compliance not supported.
•App compliance policy to Block  app from use not supported
•Instant Install works only on Samsung and Zebra. Will cease functioning on other OEMs 

Moving forward....
•DA Enrollments will continue to work, but there are no workarounds for the above restrictions, other than migrating to an Android Enterprise scenario. KME enrollments will continue to work as well.
•New Customers will need to setup Android Enterprise without which Android Enrollments will not proceed.
•Already enrolled DA devices will continue to work, however, the devices will lose API functionalities on upgrade to 10/Target.

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08 September 2020