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IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.2 Fix List

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A list of issues fixed in IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.2.


IBM Security QRadar
Issues corrected in IBM Security QRadar 7.2.2.
Number Description
IV46420 An error message can appear when you sort the annotation pane by the time parameter.
IV46407 Non-administrator user roles that do not include the maintain custom rules privilege display a rule disabled message.
IV42445 Hostcontext & tomcat may not function properly due to special characters in the global configuration password.
IV46114 Tomcat service threshold for maximum number of clients might be reached when adding managed hosts.
IV49707 Error occurs when investigating events on the offenses tab when using the Microsoft Internet 8 web browser.
IV54646 Errors may occur when performing a search grouped or sorted on a custom property.
IV43108 Notes in offenses are not being exported to CSV or XML.
IV48752 Exception occurs when you add a rule for a custom property that contains an ampersand (&).
IV54456 Wincollect agents, schedules, or destinations might display incorrect counts and sort incorrectly in the user interface.
IV46412 Log sources might display duplicate events when a single log source forward events to multiple event processors.
IV46384 Event rules that match events to a function counter rule test might not dispatch multiple offense as expected.
IV56748 Cisco ASA devices that send Netflow v9 information might report the first packet time correctly.
IV50566 Quick search fails first time after a filter and time range were applied.
IV48142 Unable to print offense details.
IV49659 There is no audit entry when 'flow log hashing' is modified in the Admin tab.
IV50576 The deployment editor window fails to open when you use Java 7 (1.7) and the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or 9 web browser.
IV50579 Data backups occur for the console even when event data and flow data are unchecked.
IV50628 Custom rule tests that are based on geographic region not working as expected.
IV54075 Source if index and destination if index column values from a flow might display an incorrect interface value.
IV51799 QRadar Vulnerability Manager automatic updates are not deleted properly after installation.
IV50638 Sort order of IP address column in the Assets tab is incorrect.
IV50729 Source or destination IP filter fails on search results that are already filtered by source or destination IP.
IV50731 Offense rule test might not function correctly.
IV54289 "Accumulated data is not available" error in generated report only when using table view.
IV50733 QRadar Log Manager 7.2 contains two unnecessary system settings.
IV54627 The Deployment Editor window fails to open when you use Java 7 (1.7) and the Google Chrome web browser.
IV51433 Server discovery displays an error message when the building block for the host definition contains a CIDR address.
IV54609 The payload index retention does not properly display in the system settings for QRadar Log Manager.
IV54651 Sorting custom properties in the user interface unexpectedly resorts the list each time the page number changes.
IV54652 A user-defined application signature does not override the application ID of a flow in the signatures.xml file.
IV54593 Backup and recovery can cause system issues when configured to use /store as the backup repository path.
IV51790 Adding a column to search results that span multiple days can initiate a new search.
IV54653 Search parameters with a large number of current filters can inconsistently scroll a window when a value is selected.
IV54193 The tooltip for user-centric offenses shows last event in future.
IV54267 Asset exports that take longer than 20 minutes fail.
IV54259 Multiple simultaneous exports cause UI outages due to Tomcat TX sentries.
IV54268 Offense searches by category can display an error in the user interface.
IV54479 Auto update change settings can display an incorrect port value error message.
IV54732 Rule tests that allow a user to select event properties from a reference table might not select values correctly.
IV58928 The dynamic system analysis (DSA) tool on QRadar appliances is being investigated for potential impact to system stability.
IV57323 Event and offense counts for building blocks are not showing up.
IV58602 Ariel queries are stuck in QRadar SIEM 7.2.1.
IV54639 When a new authorized service is created, the system can generate an invalid or expired token error.
IV57323Event and offense counts for building blocks are not showing up.

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17 June 2018