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IBM Db2 Configuration Manager V4.1.x releases: new features

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This document describes the new features in Version 4.1.x of IBM Db2 Configuration Manager for z/OS.


To download the latest modification of IBM Db2 Configuration Manager for z/OS, go to Shopz or Fix Central.

For information about how to install the latest modification, go to Installing Db2 Configuration Manager for z/OS

What's New in Version

Configuration Management

  • Users can now view Recorded Clients.
  • The enhanced Compare Db2 Configurations function now enables users the ability to view all the client connections which was previously limited to 25 connections.
  • The enhancement to storage allocation of the IBMIOCM_SPACE_8K and IBMIOCM_TSPACE_8K tablespaces within the database now optimizes data storage management to improve the overall performance.
  • The Compare Db2 Configurations function now exports the .csv file by excluding the extraneous data that increased the file size unnecessarily.



What's New in Version 4.1.3

Configuration Management

In addition to the New, Modified, and Deleted columns displayed on the CMz Track Changes page, a new Base column now displays the number of objects recorded for the first time by CMz, as well as those that have not changed, during the specified time frame. This new column enables users to set a baseline for changes made to any database objects during a time frame.

Miscellaneous enhancements


  • Improved layout: New directional icons have been added to improve the usability of the Compare system configuration and Compare client configuration job dialogs in the Compare Configurations page.


  • Improved Track Changes: Program Temporary Fix (PTF) items are now reported as Base/New when first applied through a system maintenance patch within a given time frame. These items were previously reported as New, even when there was no system maintenance patch applied,
    NOTE: No PTF items are reported, unless a system maintenance patch is applied within the given time frame.


  • Improved performance of the Compare Configurations page: The page has been enhanced to improve the loading of data, when the repository database is created in Db2 for z/OS.



What's New in Version 4.1.2



  • Configuration Management


    • Support z/OS version 12.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements

    The SQL editor now offers users several enhancements over previous versions:

    • LDAP Authentication

    • User can now configure to use LDAP authentication. Credentials validation and user privilege assignment can be delegated to an Open LDAP or Apache Directory server.

      Administrators can use LDAP for user management in the following ways:

      • Manage user credentials and user privileges: In this mode, both user credentials and user privileges (Administrator or User) are managed from the LDAP side. Any new user creation or privilege assignment must be done from the LDAP side as well.
      • Manage user credentials only: In this mode, only user credentials are managed in LDAP side, with user privilege management still available through Data Server Manager.

    • Enhanced SQL editor
      • Select multiple saved SQL statements, or templates, from your catalog for insertion into an open query, or to replace the contents of the SQL editor window. Check boxes in the Saved Scripts window now allow users to make multiple selections for insert and replace operations.
      • Display multiple result sets from one query in the results window at one time.
      • Save a script to an existing script to update the content.



What's New in Version 4.1.1




  • Configuration Management


  • Support to validate the required stored procedure for configuration management features.

  • Misc enhancements
  • - Redesign license management and display corresponding licenses information on the connections.
    - Enhance and optimize the setup process.
    - Add the global connection selector to optimize the workflow. 




What's New in Version





  • Administration support
    Enhancements to the SQL editor include:
    • Create/Edit SQL

    • - Add "Maximize" button to maximize the editor to the whole browser, provide more space for editing.
      - Results panel is folded, and editor area is maximum by default.
      - Support insert saved script into active editor window.
      - Show connection information above the editor window, provide options to change the active connection.
    • Execute SQL

    • - Move "Run from cursor" to "Run" drop-down list.
      - Expand the result view automatically when run a script.
      - Support stored procedure with INOUT/OUT parameters.
      - Add auto-connection option for Command Line execution.
    • Display SQL Results

    • - Optimize the usage of space and improve ease-of-use of the query results.
      - Only display execution records on the result view, provide an easier-to-navigate result view.
      - Move log information to a separate dialog box, can be launched by clicking the "Log" link in result view.
      - Move data information to separate tab, can be launched by clicking the "Data" link in result view.
      - Display INOUT/OUT parameters of stored procedure in a separate tab.
      - Show connection name, connection type and running status in result view.
      - Provide filter for results by status and connections.
      - Allow user to remove existing results.
      - Allow user to set the maximum number of data sets, result records, and rows to be display in "Setting" dialog.
      - Allow user to persistent JDBC running result and data in repository database, so user can view the running history cross session.




What's New in Version 4.1

IBM Db2 Configuration Manager for z/OS v4.1 is a new web-based tool that is integrated within IBM Data Server Manager. The tool offers new web user interface designs, and efficient user scenarios to optimize performance and provide better user experience. Db2 Configuration Manager provides most configuration management functions for Db2 for z/OS. You can also use Db2 for z/OS to store Configuration Manager repository data. The features include:

Managed connections dashboard



    • View all your managed connections in a single view.
    • Sort, filter, and group the connections that you manage.
    • Review job history and alerts.
    • Add connections to a list of favorites to display connections that are most important to you first.
    • Add or edit connections and perform common tasks from the connection.

Job management

    • Monitor and view the results of the initial connection discovery process to ensure that all connections were discovered successfully.
    • Determine whether Db2 Configuration Manager for z/OS has sufficient access to objects that are required by the product. If you need to validate more than one connection, the feature validation is run in a single job.


Administration support

    • Connections to Db2 for z/OS V10 and V11.
    • Database object navigation, viewing object detail, and linking to related objects.
    • Database object dependency display.
    • Data browsing and editing.
    • Basic database object operations, such as creation of tables, indexes, constraints, and tablespaces; dropping of tables, indexes and constraints; altering tables.
    • Show system privileges from the perspective of Group/User, Role, or SQL object. Choose:

    • - "Group/User" to see the role and the relative object privilege for a user account;
      - "Role" to see the role a user account belongs to and its relative object privilege;
      - "SQL object" to see a specific object and users or roles that have the relative authority.
    • Run SQL with JDBC and view the results.
    • Export a script to browser and upload the script to a browser.
    • Save a query and share it with another user.
    • Change execution option, for example, current schema, rollback at the end, stop running on error.
    • In the SQL editor, you can

    • - Validate real-time syntax and execute SQL statements.
      - Change the statement terminator by adding the statement --#SET TERMINATOR in a comment (for example, --#SET TERMINATOR x, where x is the statement terminator).


Configuration Management

  • Clone configuration
    DBAs can clone the database parameters DBCFG, DBMCFG, and zParms parameters to one or more subsystems.

    Application profiles
    For Db2 for z/OS V11 connections, you can specify the SPECIAL REGISTER keyword in the Actions tab of the application profile.

    Client management
    DBAs can
    • View clients that connect remotely to your server.
    • View and control managed clients using client rules. Data Tools Runtime Client is required.
    • View clients that connect to a DB2 Connect gateway server and the endpoint of those clients.
    • Compare and enforce client application configurations.
    • Specify a client correlation token condition for Isolate Application Transactions and Map Workload Manager Service Classes client rules.
    • View these correlation tokens for recorded clients on the Managed Clients page.

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