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Installing and updating a fix pack for IBM Integration Explorer Version 9.0

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This document contains the installation instructions for upgrading the IBM Integration Explorer Version 9.0.


Instructions for applying service to the IBM Integration Explorer

Download the latest fix pack from the IBM Integration Explorer Recommended Fixes Web page:

1. Click the fix pack that you want to download. Details about the fix pack and instructions for download and installation are displayed.

2. Click Problems fixed to find out what APARs have been fixed in the fix pack.

3. Click FC in the Download package section to start the download process. Accept the download terms and conditions and sign in to the download site using your IBM ID. If you do not have an ID, you can register on this page.

4. Decide whether to use the graphical installation, a console installation, or a silent installation. For detailed instructions on the installation options please refer to IBM Integration Bus product documentation

5. Launch the installation wizard using the executable file or binary file. On Windows, this file is 9.0.0-IIBX-WINIA32-FP0004.exe and on Linux platforms, this file is 9.0.0-IIBX-LINUXIA32-FP0004.bin.

6. When you have launched the wizard, continue with the installation process by working through each of the panels. The installation wizard itself contains help information on selected panels. You must install service to the same location as the existing installation on your system.

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Modified date:
23 March 2020