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There are several good Redbooks and RedPapers that describe the strategy and implementation details for the SNA Modernization and Communications Server for Data Center Deployment.


Education material on examples, scenarios and strategies for implementing SNA connectivity on a distributed platform can be found in several places. This document provides links to the documents that best provide directions on implementing function with TN3270 Server, Remote API Client/Server and Enterprise Extender with the Communications Server for Data Center Deployment. The documents referenced will mainly be platform-specific (AIX or Linux), but the information is identical across platforms in most cases. Examples of how to configure TN3270 Server via the xsnaadmin GUI are the same for AIX and Linux Communications Servers.

  • The RedPaper describing the Communications Server for Data Center Deployment, Remote API Client and Web Admin packages:
    IBM Communications Server for Data Center Deployment V7.0
  • The strategy for distributed clients connecting to a data center to centralize SNA (or building a SNA cloud implementation) is provided in this RedPaper:
    SNA Modernization Strategy for Access Node Connectivity
  • A good Redbook on how to configure Communications Server for AIX, and Communications Server for Linux, SNA functions (TN3270 Server, Enterprise Extender, Dependent LU Requestor, ...) is described in
    IBM Communications Server for AIX, V6: New Features and Implementation Scenarios (SG24-5947)
  • A good Redbook on implementing Enterprise Extender and DLUR on VTAM, AIX and Linux be found at:
    Enterprise Extender Implementation Guide

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12 September 2013

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20 November 2019