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You can download IBM® Mobile OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix® to use on your iOS or Android device.


Use Mobile OAT to monitor a single IBM Informix server or a group of Informix servers. For example, you can view the online log and information about users such as commits, connection duration, and rows processed. You can find out which tables have the most inserts, updates, deletes, and scans. You can monitor a server's free memory, processor usage, I/O activity, the number of sessions, and more.

To use Mobile OAT, you must have IBM OpenAdmin Tool for Informix v3.11 installed, an Informix database server running, and an Internet connection. You can monitor IBM Informix 11.10 and later versions of the database server.

This product requires compatible hardware and software and Internet access (fees might apply). See the respective download sites for more information and about terms that apply:

ProductDownload site
IBM Mobile OAT for Android devices
IBM Mobile OAT for iOS devices

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17 June 2018