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This technical document is an index of the available WebSphere Adapter for SAP technical notes, technical documentation and important flash messages.


  1. Adapter returned null from StructuredRecord.execute() in WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software 7.0 on WebSphere Message Broker 7.0
  2. Out of Memory Error in broker runtime caused by NULL value in ReplyIdentifier from SAPReply node
  3. "Maintenance dialog for <table> is incomplete or not defined" - Error Message when using WebSphere BI Station Tool
  4. A failing commit in SAP is not recognized in the WebSphere Transaction Manager
  5. How to set JCO Trace Level and JCO Trace Path when two modules with SAP Adapter are depolyed in same environment
  6. Stopping JCo trace of a stand-alone WebSphere Adapter for SAP
  7. Reset JCo Client Property does not work if Transaction mode set to NO on SAP Adapter node
  8. Support for Single RFC Program ID
  9. How to stop JCO trace of embeded SAP Adapter without restarting WebSphere Process Server
  10. WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software ""CWYBS0498E: The Resource Bundle using Locale en_US does not contain any text for key..."" error message without expected functional impact
  11. Concurrent requests to SAP Adpater fail with JCO_ERROR_CONCURRENT_CALL
  12. SAP Adapter throws SelectorException during migration from WBIA to JCA
  13. MissingDataException thrown by WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software if required IDocControlRecord parameters are missing
  14. WebSphere Adapter for SAP V7 is unable to sucessfully make use of Logon Groups for inbound processing when using SAP 4.6
  15. WebSphere Adapter for SAP and/or WebSphere Business Integration Adapter for has exceeded its max number of conversations
  16. Session Reference is null error during BAPI execution
  17. WebSphere Adapter for SAP XML messages fail XSD schema validation due to missing required fields
  18. SAP response not constant when using IBM WebSphere Adapter for SAP
  19. SAP transaction commit not effective on SAP System with WebSphere Adapters for SAP Software 7.0
  20. Quick reference index to WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software technotes
  21. MustGather: Collecting Data for Problems with the WebSphere Adapter for SAP
  22. Element or Attribute do not match QNAme production: BaseException during Enterprise Service Discovery for WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software V7.0
  23. Problems when sending data with TIME field to SAP
  24. WebSphere Adapter for SAP Problems connecting to NonUnicode SAP Systems
  25. WebSphere Adapter for SAP fails in ALE inbound
  26. Business Object Definition for BAPI Business Objects not found
  27. SelectorException' is thrown in application when WebSphere Adapter for SAP is stand-alone deployed in BAPI Inbound mode
  28. Unable to receive the ALE IDocs from a SAP Load balancing environment
  29. Problem Determination for SAP JCo
  30. Service ""sapgw00"" unknown' error in JCo trace of WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software
  31. Commit to the SAP system may not happen if reset property is set
  32. Inbound and Outbound operations fail on WebSphere Application Server V6.1.0.27
  33. Local Transaction support in the WebSphere Adapter for SAP Applications
  34. WebSphere Adapter for SAP V7.0: Limitations when using SAP Java Connector 3.0.2
  35. SAP prerequisites when using WebSphere Adapter for SAP software
  36. How to activate JCo tracing for SAP JCo using a JVM parameter on WebSphere Process Server V6.0, V6.1, or V6.2
  37. Points to be considered while tuning performance of WebSphere Business Integration mysap adapter
  38. SAP dependencies when using the WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software with the Advanced Event Processing (AEP) interface
  39. ALE Schema naming convention with WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software
  40. Adapter Connection Wizard Language Setting impacts IDoc Retrieval from SAP System
  41. WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software V7.0 uses the same thread name for all listeners with JCO3
  42. Unable to set the RFCTracePath parameter to the UNIX location with WebSphere Adapter for SAP with WebSphere Message Broker V6.1
  43. Unique RFCProgramId required for Inbound scenarios with Websphere Adapter for SAP
  44. SAPJCO tracing files created in multiple locations for IBM WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software
  45. Message listeners listed in ra.xml file do not match those listed in the .export file
  46. ALE inbound interface on WebSphere Application Server does not support split IDocs
  47. java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError exception occurs while starting WebSphere Adapter for SAP on i5/OS
  48. WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software QISS module error
  49. Unreleased IDoc segments cause exceptions when running external service wizard and at run time
  50. On certain non unicode SAP systems, user may encounter error with WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software SQI Module.
  51. WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software 6.0.2 crashes with error ""*** glibc detected *** free : invalid pointer "" during Inbound processing with JCo 2.1.7

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17 June 2018