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Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


APARs listed for a specific component apply only to that component. Other APARs apply to Cognos BI Server and may also apply to other components.

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Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1 Fix List

Issues corrected in IBM Cognos BI Server 10.1.1.
PK87851Running the report in Excel 2007 leaves a blank browser window open
PK90438Context Menu: Clickable region for a chart is not being reset when clicking outside of region
PK90744Chart does not displayed correctly on Excel 2007 when page name contains symbolic chars
PK90769tm1odp.dll contains a hardcoded version-dependent reference to the Windows registry key
PK92612Legend Title displayed twice for report output in format Excel 2002/2000 single sheet
PK92743Can not control access by role to keep this version
PK93493Report with hyperlink with image is not working in Excel output
PK94549Bibus crashes when trying to print a report from SDK when invalid printer name is chosen
PK94595Unable to use variables in template applied to Analysis Studio
PK94994Report with drill up/down and drills through to itself - inconsistent behavior
PK95176Drill-down and drill-up not possible on Cognos samples with report design language German(Germany)
PK95995Report Output Descriptor File Missing Information
PK96560When crosstab columns are placed on the right end of TOTAL the data is unseen.
PK97019CM Export, when deployment property renamed in CConnection, gets incorrect Boolean type in Deployment Options.
PK97483Unable to use Layout Component Reference for page number with style 1 of 3: RSV-VAL-0010
PK97536RSV-RND-0088 Invalid attribute: 'repeatEveryPage'.
PK98006Inconsistent Prompt behavior when running reports interactively and in batch
PK99164Internal Server Error (HTTP 500) when using a SSL Gateway on Linux
PK99307Model prompt macro triggers optional prompt, even if that query subject is not used in the report.
PM00398Cancellation of running report causes RQP-DEF-0114 with prompt report after running the report again
PM01944Drill Report Studio to Query Studio, date filter changes from a range to single date when another column is added to the report.
PM02127CM-REQ-4333 The property paths cannot reference an object of type Session
PM03187Using the Update() Method in Transformer Automation Script Returns all Namespace Objects
PM04257RGB color gradients not displayed correct in Report Studio interface
PM04660NOVEMBER 1, 2009 12:00 AM SHOWS IN REPORT AS "OCTOBER 31, 2009 11:00PM" WITH 'GMT-3:00 BRASILIA'
PM05725Conditional Block is not Functioning Properly on Drill Through
PM06585Selection window not closed after opening a package with IE 8
PM07269Excel found unreadable content in Excel 2007 output for report with image in repeater
PM08425Saving a report that contains [ / ; in report name returns error CM-REQ-4192
PM09179RSV-SRV-0042 error occurred when exporting report with no data to CSV format
PM09430The Cognos Configuration tool does not recognize the Cognos Express service
PM10597Circled cascading prompts behave different in 8.4 than they did in 8.2
PM10626Odd behavior in HTML when running marimekko chart with 80% width
PM10840After selected a date value in an expression the inserted date is showing a timestamp instead of a date
PM10932Migration of content (PPX) in personal newsbox fails with no error message in Cognos 8. Status indicates successful operation.
PM11054Drill through doesn't pass the data item value when "Crosstab Space" exist
PM11424Unexpected markers generated for line chart with gradient color palette defined
PM11724Duplicate series generated on a chart in Excel
PM11740Incorrect currency symbols shows in report studio
PM11818Render Variable not working with a Rich Text Item
PM12327Report expression ServerName() does not display on scheduled report.
PM12581Drill-thru reports with optional prompts throw " 'null' is null or not an object" error
PM12884Report with value prompt and in_range values throws error when trying to save in 8.4.1
PM13211Run history does not show who the report was sent to or how many recipients.
PM13291Report Server hangs generating PDF report when List Pagination set High and Percentages used for Column Width
PM13717Cognos 8 printing - Acrobat Reader is no longer available for AIX
PM13948Report/model combination causes BIBus dump
PM14034Query Studio menu size change in width with low screen resolution
PM14253Blocks inside a conditional block will generate extra rows when rendering in Excel 2002
PM14549Data format based on style variable on prompt does not work anymore after upgrade from 8.2
PM14982List within a Crosstab's "No Data Contents" disappears after the saved report is reopened.
PM15002Repeater object is not Upgrade from 8.1 to 8.4
PM16361Crosstab Loses Summary Data When Pivoted From a List When Filter is Applied After Aggregation
PM16419Custom Class does not show up in Mozilla when it is added to the bottom of the GlobalReportStyles.css
PM16485Exporting to Excel 2007 takes longer time and consumes lots of memory
PM16765Mozilla-specific CSS errors in cogserver.log file
PM16769CSN-ISS-0021 Search processing failed ...\xhtml_template_refinement_viewer.xhtml (The system cannot find the path specified.)
PM17259CCL_ASSERT(minWidth <= contentWidth) when running PDF with image in repeater.
PM17329Error message during validation: RSV-VAL-0002 Invalid expression case when CellValue()>0
PM17535Page number is displaying as "1 of ?" after re-running report from Cognos Viewer in PDF format
PM17592Query Studio filter with acsii control characters
PM17724After page down, certain measure values are missing for row members which broke across page
PM17798Catalog migration fails with certain Creator passwords
PM18044Specify the installation path to a non \Program files (x86) value
PM18059RSV-RND-0004 Invalid CSS Declaration found ' color:transparent'.
PM18062Records missing when exporting to excel from PowerPlay Studio
PM18111RQP-DEF-0177 error filter on a summarized column
PM18264Vertical Baseline is not working as expected when the Chart is inside a list report
PM18359A Year member will not pass the MUN in a drill through to a relational report
PM18636AxisFault (Server Error) if sending a email over sdk and report is in async mode
PM18639Error when rendering a report with gauge chart and conditional palette in Excel 2002 format
PM18822Go Office: Cannot import report objects if they have custom classes
PM18931Join between particular model query subjects NOT being honored resulting in a cross-product query.
PM19055Numbers with incorrect formatting and missing decimal part when report is exported to Excel formats
PM19229Hyperlink Button opens target URL in same browser window after drill through.
PM19574Renaming a map file using Map Manager does not display map in Report Studio.
PM19718Ampersand character in dimension name causes PRS-NOP-1056 error when editing drill through definition
PM19772Renaming a Query that Named the Same as a Model Namespace Changes the Reference of a Model Filter or Calculation
PM19789Rich text items do not respect style properties appropriately.
PM20014Cannot use a Display Value in the Default Selections property of a Value Prompt after applying
PM20164Unable to import BO 11.5 universe into FM, fails with [MBCM_E0015] Unexpected application error detected
PM20202PDF report output up to 508 Compliance (Accessibility) - Language and Subject
PM20352Crosstab design in Report Studio does not match report output
PM20522Do not show the following (NOT) filter in Query Studio is ignored if "select all" is checked
PM20580Repeater does not display when sorting on calculated measure
PM20748Keep with pagination setting for nested crosstab columns in PDF mode throw error
PM20757Drill-through function in the report page does not work after upgrade
PM21019Lineage function result in a ExpressionSyntaxError message with a UDF element in the report
PM21070Drilling down on shortcut-based dimension within Report Studio will only reach 2 levels deep
PM21114First tab does not show data on Multipage dashboard if all the reports in it are burst report
PM21213Incorrect return URL from Report Viewer
PM21329Report hangs when run in interactive HTML with conditional rendering applied to detail page in a master-detail relationship.
PM21422Incorrect prompt type if the column's prompt as defined in the Framework Manager model is Edit Box
PM21445Unable to import query definition in Query Studio
PM21500Date shown as number in excel 2002 when the column beside the date is a long string type
PM21590Date format is ignored in section
PM21615Unable to copy and paste a variable from one report to another
PM21682Report drill through not passing multiple parameters when drilling from Cube to Relational using Member Caption
PM21853Linking segment when datasources contain a Macro generates BMT-MD-3630 error
PM21868Remove references to column-line charts from Analysis Studio User Guide
PM21895Advanced sorting is not working with a crosstab report in some case
PM22152Find Report Dependencies in FM does not list Query Studio reports using model filters
PM22945Upgraded 8.2 report fails to run or results in a CCLOutOfMemory error
PM23006Bookmarking a PDF report opens up in Excel
PM23027The mandatory header "conversationContext" is missing from the request with no data.
PM23030Legend title of map not displayed when using bottom link
PM23059Report that runs in job will fail, if previous report in job fails with execution
PM23096'CV-0002 error' on HTML format , 'PDF output' when selecting Excel format - issues after installing hotsite
PM23324humanTask and execution rules
PM23670Indentation does not work in PDF output in Cognos 8.4.1
PM23718Query Studio reports fail after hotsite installation
PM23734RSV-BBP-0036 error in Reports Accessed from SFDC Portal
PM23818java.lang.NullPointerException RSV-DST-0014 An error occurred.
PM23825Preferences - Changes to Content Language settings are not applied when dashboard is not saved
PM23835RSV-SRV-0042 when running portal report second time.
PM23927CleanHouse MDL Verb does not work on Unix
PM23963When opening a remote cube in PowerPlay Client, the cube package must be placed into a folder the user has read access to.
PM23989BMT-IMP-0006 Unable to parse the request document.Unterminated entity reference
PM24057Zero Suppression after drill down takes a long time
PM24102Need option to disable drill through when an alternate drill path is part of a report in PowerPlay Studio
PM24149Query Studio Subtotal shows incorrect values for crosstab report
PM24218Content Store Deployment Fails with Java IndexOutOfBoundsException for Very Large Content Store Database
PM24492RSV-SRV-0003 Attempting to search for a value in filter dialog.
PM24644Model Advisor gives error if relationship uses item in a folder in a dimension table
PM24656Cognos Navigator Portlet and the My Folders default entry behaving incorrectly
PM24764Two dimensions having the same level name not creating the 2nd custom view
PM24792Multiple Replacement Text Variables used in a report do not display properly until a second run in SAP BW.
PM25064User is not re-prompted when running a report a second time from a navigator/viewer dashboard configuration.
PM25067Regional languages Characters comes as junk characters while rendering fonts from HTML to pdf in Report Studio
PM25068SQL leads to too much duplicate data requested and this leads to poor performance
PM25098jason4j.jar is missing when install CZA8KML and CZA8LMLin zlinux
PM25171Reports returning no data after upgrade to Cognos 8.4.1
PM25542Drill through fails when drilling from a source report with 9 columns on IE8
PM25560Issues when using Websphere Edge Load Balancer to load balance among Tivoli LDAP servers
PM25596Pie chart with hundreds of pieces causes BiBus dump
PM25621Framework Manager is resetting the operator symbol between 2 Query Items
PM25664Unable to satisfy the value of the second prompt of a Query Studio report when trying to schedule the report
PM25730ANS-MES-0005 error when trying to resize column width
PM25802In Analysis Studio the property "Show Attributes" doesn't work at the column level
PM25818Upgrade Manager not loading reports when generating list of subfolder selection
PM25920Calculation, using Item with square bracket in its name, in Query Studio Report missing, after FM project has been republished.
PM26049Performance issues after upgrading from 8.2 to 8.4 against Oracle
PM26436TM1 Package Connector: SAP BW: fractional portion of measure values lost in locales where decimal separator is not "."
PM26494Access violation in RSCommon!RSQFSessionTokenIFactory::removeToken causes BIBus cores during CX Stability tests
PM26499IE error on page when using TM1 Websheet viewer portlet
PM26524Return button on new tab with PowerPlay Studio report causes prompt 'The webpage you are viewing is trying to close'
PM26543Content Manager error occurred while attempting to replicate a schedule
PM26572Cognos SQL Generation vs Informix
PM26584Content manager becomes unresponsive after a AAA bind credential corruption issue.
PM26768Select Value Filter prompt in Business Insight may not display all values
PM26807Expanding information pane does not show values or run into a timeout
PM26832Error in list report widget after adding checkbox with Dimensionally Modeled Relational data source
PM26835Global prompts not working correctly in Multi tab Portal Pages.
PM26899The selected RSS feed did not return valid content
PM27055Searching for members takes too long when searching for the first time
PM27109IE: Drag-n-drop of any toolbox at first drop does not work in IE.
PM27111Keyboard Access in Search results: Using Right arrow key fails to focus on the expanded match description on Search Results list
PM27124Cancelling a report against TM1 causes BI Server portal navigation/logon to become very slow
PM27187CM-REQ-4328 on portlet import when deployment build with non-english content language
PM27209Reports with nested page sets sometimes not rendered properly when added into a dashboard
PM27289NULL Session ID Logged to the COGIPF_RUNREPORT Table
PM27436The LDAP Provider generates a lot of LDAP Searches for the Parent Container such as ou=People,dc=ibm,dc=com.
PM27519Detailed document for multi-version coexistence configuration for BI Server
PM27562Creating a relationship between two query items will return error BMT-MD-0003 QE-DEF-0482
PM27591Using the "Previous Report" function in a drill through prompt report goes to the prompt page instead of the Parent report
PM27671Missing Chart when running chart report with null values or "<" character to Excel 2007 format
PM27755"no data available" in Report Usage Audit Report
PM27788English(United states) remains in Lifecycle Manager even if unselected
PM27797When executing an authored drill in Business Insight, a new window open in the background in Internet Explorer
PM27849DPR-ERR-2056 when trying to open an Analysis Studio report after cube update
PM27888Unable to proceed with Query Studio if specific errors occurs after applying Fix Pack 2
PM27918Cascade prompt doesn't work correctly on a report page after exporting as Excel format
PM28321Unable to use some function sets in Cognos 10 when Active language is not English
PM28345SAP BW Variables with Use Default Value are all prompted when 'Save the report' is chosen
PM28352Application deadlocks during upgrade of Schedules from 8.2 and 10.1
PM28424Move qrsvpproperties.xml.sample to the Application tier install
PM28475Unable to master the Run for Benchmark project since package with only model has status as New
PM28483No way to restrict Business Insight Advanced through capabilities
PM28599Drilling through on dates fails if the target report's package is in a folder and/or path containing an ampersand character
PM28709CM-REQ-4012 received when user does not have write permission to a report with Local Cache enabled.
PM28741QE-DEF-0478 - Invalid coercion from level to string error shown after applying a filter on the level in Query Studio.
PM28814Lifecycle manager - problem with manual prompt capture if target not available
PM28961PowerPlay Studio shows the wrong format for a Category Count measure
PM28969When the report is opened with a new Window through Navigator in portlet, it uses the Gateway URI in Configuration
PM29097Erroneous warning message when logon to portal failed - French language
PM29170Error MQP-ERR-0022 when publishing a package with object security
PM29175Unable to drill down on crosstab with micro charts
PM29213Render variable expression gives RSV-RND-0089 when page is in nested page set
PM29344CAMCrypto dll causes concurrency issues based on not being thread-safe
PM29364Memory leaks in camcrypto.
PM29375Transformer Power Cube option Deployment strategy
PM29486Business Insight opens too many connections to tm1 when exploring view and apps
PM29520Drill through by "member unique name" does not work
PM29528CM-REQ-4192 The property "policies" (for an object of class) is incorrect.
PM29596Event Studio - No recipients selectable if you try to send a report via email
PM29673Package based drill-through from Analysis Studio does not work with measures on columns and scope set as measure.
PM29732Process 'render' failed to execute when hotsite installed
PM29851User has created a portal page with an HTML viewer and unable to click Do More to edit it in Business Insight Advanced
PM29854'Number of rows per Web page in HTML reports' in report property doesn't work in reports with prompt.
PM29857Steps from section 'Change User Interface Strings' don't work
PM29869PowerPlay Report with a percent of base calculation shows NA on PPES 7.4 MR4 on SUN Solaris
PM29875Display of Arabic characters in chart wrong
PM30010Multi Select Search and Select Prompt allows duplicate entries to be inserted from Results List to Choices
PM30051Cognos 10.1 Audit - User ID and User Name with special characters are not put correctly into COGIPF_USERLOGON Table
PM30140Drill down to child members is not retained when exporting to Excel
PM30170Manual Prompt Capture issue, required Value prompts and optional text box prompts, finish button grayed out.
PM30218FromTo date range prompt values lost and defaults when auto submit
PM30225no Type link in Add Entries page when creating Distribution list
PM30259Strings stored in a UTF-8 cube are not being normalized which may cause errors when querying the cube
PM30343Large number of certificates contributes to environmental slowdown/lockup
PM30370Excessive CAM_AAA_JniAuthProvider::Search requests when using custom java provider
PM30511Multiplex conditional variable does not effect on Cognos 10
PM30518Drill-down on pie chart does not have the same behavior in 10.1 than in previous versions
PM30575Aggregation on Standalone Calculations is incorrect when Coalesce is present
PM30621Dimension History reject table is created with not null columns
PM30626C10.1 Audit does not write anymore that a Logon Expired
PM30636Burst report in Excel 2000 format sent to incorrect user
PM30732Changes made to an existing Business Insight dashboard might appear to have been lost when the dashboard is re-opened
PM30797Report with Page Set Cannot Be Validated - XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error. The query could not be planned by the Query Service
PM30823Drill through results in BMT-MD-6000 Connection to the data source ''
PM30876SECURITY Groups in Cognos 10 Namespace not appearing in the credentials.
PM30925Report Studio generating unnecessary join in sql
PM30965HTTP 501 using Cognos 10 servlet gateway in WAS 6.1 with LDAP SSO
PM30997Rank Function is not working properly for custom group in Query Studio
PM31002Find Button stays grayed out after export
PM31023Unable to drop an item in between columns of a Report Studio report that has been hidden through scrolling in Firefox
PM31029Value of the second column is not passed on drill through on Cognos 10
PM31054Nested SMTP exception not being caught through smtpRules-custom.xml
PM31139CAM-AAA-0023 & CAM-AAA-0026 when accessing rds using REST URL
PM31191Creating a package does not include Folder dependencies under a specific condition.
PM31224After upgrade from 8.2 to 8.4.1, block is ignored in Excel 2000/2002
PM31231Business Insight Dashboard - Drill up in XTAB-report not working when design language is de or de-at
PM31310CRX-API-0005 An error occurred at or near the position 'X'. The variable named 'XXXXX' is invalid.
PM31351Wrong values when sorting on rows in crosstab
PM31376Report studio and Business Insight Advanced permissions not working as expected for C10
PM31498Unable to create time based partition cubes in parallel
PM31551File not found error (404) in IIS log when selecting Chinese in content language in My preference.
PM31634Cognos Viewer tool bar can not be hidden/shown for specific group
PM31685Difference in drill up / down behavior if more than one member item in row / column in crosstab
PM31811Global Filters - Multiple Datasource Connections causes mismatch of passed filter values
PM31822EMS error when CM aborts and resends deleteSchedule requests to the EMS (CNC-EMS-0005 Error repairing corrupt schedule: )
PM31900First screen of Transformer French displays in English
PM31999Cannot create package with empty nested folders in catalog
PM32000DQE Server log view not shown with base install
PM32010Images retrieved from remote URL containing special characters causes Excel 2007 reports not to open
PM32062After upgrade from 8.4.1 FP1 to 8.4.1 FP3, count aggregation will have different sql, which leads to false results
PM32102Cannot Open Business Insight when 2 Gateways are configured
PM32137PowerPlay Studio shows blank space under a dimension using a power cube with APEX option
PM32262Drillthrough with SAP data results in MQP-ERR-0026 The Members are unknown
PM32283Report shows incorrect result when filtering two different dimensions having same category codes
PM32288Cognos user profiles being deleted by consistency checker.
PM32294Numeric data format is changed to text after saving the report as xlsx in PowerPlay Client 7.5
PM32450Mail server authentication failed
PM32469Drilling through on Custom Subsets from PowerPlay Studio to a relational report studio report does not work
PM32521"is in Range" operation is missing from Query Studio Filter 8.4.1 FP3
PM32568Incorrect caption for missing value filter in Query Studio after upgrading from Cognos Report Net
PM32659All Reports Marked as "Out of Scope" with Lifecycle Manager 10.1
PM32666Cube build fails with PDS-PPE-0053 using nested IF statement
PM32701Applying Hotfix PM27523 on Cognos 8.3 FP5 the "-" is not aligned for the cells
PM32722Report shows saved output instead of run Report in Multi page dashboard
PM32741Content Manager Locking using MS SQL Server 2005 database
PM32751Search in Analysis Studio against TM1 dimension using an alias returns no result in a timely manner or errors ANS-MES-0003
PM32787CM-SYS-5116 error after installing hotsite
PM32819Conditional style can't change the background color of List Box and Drop down Box
PM32834Setting textbox prompt size/overflow to (0,0) results in a visible textbox prompt
PM32862CGI error when open a saved report with diacritics in its name
PM32892DB2 Content Store database deadlock in cogserver.log file
PM32914After drilling from Analysis Studio to Query Studio on date parameter, when exporting to Excel no data is returned
PM32995Audit Database Column name and Description are wrong in PowerPlay Migration and Administration Guide
PM33011Swedish Characters Å, ö and ä causes RSV-CM-0005 error
PM33078Cognos Connection Public Folder,My Folder tabs displaying inconsistently
PM33089QFS-ERR-0140 The referenced data item 'xxxxxxx' is not found in the query 'XXXXX'
PM33092Filter is changed when drilling through to Query Studio and then view report in other formats or additional columns
PM33135Analysis of ppdsweb core files being generated on client environment.
PM33160Edit Box prompt in Query Studio causes a query to be executed against the database
PM33246Select Value Filter throws error when added to dashboard
PM33255Legacy Chart can not be converted to other chart types in Business Insight Advanced
PM33309Prompts are not loaded using SAP BW variables and are rendered empty
PM33325Adding performance parameters to qfs_config.xml causes sub-title to display incorrectly
PM33333Aggregation type for a Summary Footer in Query Studio does not use FM Model setting when re-applied
PM33355Save to File System no longer available after system.xml modification in 8.4.1
PM33387Upgraded Query Studio report from C8.4 into C10 returns QFS-ERR-0140
PM33436Changes in Map for India
PM33513“Copy this users profile” in the Namespace Administration leads to multiple portal tabs with same name
PM33518Getting error "CNC-ASV-0007 An error occurred with the agent Web service task." while using web services in Event Studio
PM33519A wrong database connection is added to the package connection information in a transformer model
PM33529Advanced server setting should be picked up at Run time for RSVP.RENDER.XHTMLSTRICT property
PM33558Bursting a report to file system via Event Studio task results in RSV-DST-0012 and CM errors.
PM33566Cannot type certain alphabet characters into the password of data source connection prompt in Business Insight Advanced
PM33596HTML source disappears after add Page1 into Cognos Viewer in Page2
PM33613ANS-MES-0003: error message in Analysis Studio when a user tries to save without the needed permissions
PM33659Unable to use Style Management Utility on a gateway-only machine
PM33707RSV-SRV-0048 when expanding a tree prompt in Cognos Viewer after viewing the report in any Excel version
PM33738Data item is not passed via Drill Through after Upgrade from 8.4.1 to 10.1
PM33754IE6 JavaScript error attempting drill through from crosstab report
PM33770Parameterized connection string fails on Solaris with Korean values provided
PM33812Detailed errors capability not working when report is executed in batch
PM33873Analysis Studio export output missing data in column
PM33917To Revert the error message (RSV-RND-0094) according to previous version 8.4
PM33972Prompt page of incorrect Conditional Layout appears when run report with options and select 'Save the report' as delivery method
PM34105Static DateTime output box does not exist in Life Cycle Manager 10.1.0
PM34136Drill-through to bookmarks doesn't work
PM34153"Save As" in Analysis Studio requires read permission on all folders in current directory. CM-REQ-4011
PM34252When we drill on sorted data the result is not correct - 8.4.1 FP3
PM34316XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException - (caused by missing default hierarchy)
PM34317Incorrect slicer in the WHERE clause when default hierarchy is a multi-root hierarchy
PM34318Prompts (variables) not being populated when report is executed
PM34319Master Detail errors when report is executed
PM34331AD SSO using Kerberos errors
PM34346When using a content language other than English, negative results are displayed as positive values
PM34358Script Errors in My Preferences when using a website for an alias instead of below default website
PM34426MDX against C10/XO datasource uses different syntax for measures, breaking DB server side processing.
PM34484Cannot run when applying the filter at the report as "Database only" process against the Greenplum DB
PM34527Values not properly sorted for a sectioned xtab report.
PM3454483 to 10 upgrade error based on Case and Null return
PM34585IViews from SAP Portal work until SSL is enabled.
PM34641Horizontal scrolling doesn't work if there are a lot of dimensions in the dimension map
PM34744Drill through: Report path can not be found, because of non-breaking spaces in the report path
PM34745IE8 - Cognos Viewer missing required meta tag for html output
PM34833Wrong translation of aggregate in Dutch Belgium version
PM34835Source/Target autoprompt triggered on CLI performs all LM tasks although not triggered
PM34837Several report attachments when sender does not have permissions on scheduling
PM34879About link in Cognos Viewer not functioning with Firefox browser
PM34919Driver not available in /bin/iodbctest for Sybase Unix
PM34983User seeing cognos 8 branded error message when logging into IBM Cognos 10.
PM349858.4.1 FP3 :: StackOverFlow java error when navigating saved PowerPlay view report
PM35029Fatal Error when verifying or publishing default FM model for metrics package
PM35050Backport of Query Studio Advanced Options feature into 8.4.1 FP4
PM35063DB2 error SQL10003C There is not enough system resources to process the request
PM35082PowerPlay Web Explorer reports in My Folders from multiple users can not be migrated through Migration Assistant
PM35099When drilling on a calculation in PowerPlay Studio, users receive PPS-HDL-6098 Security Rejection.
PM35143Double set of scroll bars in report when not full size of report.
PM35245Data Manager: Software Exception 0xC0000005
PM35259Dispatcher encountering OOM condition
PM35287Keyboard navigation on report viewer, Cognos Administration pages when using Firefox
PM35440Search in select and search prompts, based on multilingual data, leads to error: QE-DEF-0260
PM35452Language is not take in account for a new Framework Manager project
PM35488Threads turn into hung state when LDAP Server is not responding
PM35569Query Studio Range filter set to 'Prompt every time the report runs' results in 'No data available'
PM35570Drill Through on Hebrew string containing double quotes generates script error - 'expected ')'
PM35703Line chart run as Excel 2007 format gets corrupted when open it with Excel 2010
PM35706(TR1901) A record has been rejected. An arithmetic overflow has occurred
PM35750Errors in documentation section 'Show Data Values or Labels in Other Current Default Charts'
PM35819TR0112 There isn't enough memory available at the end of cube update or creation
PM35857corrupt Content Store database
PM35863Cannot cancel Report Studio prompt window after applying updater win32
PM35866Can't move focus to control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of the type that does not accept the focus.
PM35874PF-SRV-6112 Unrecognizable XML document starting with the element '' when setting Inbox as HomePage
PM35906Scheduled reports having prompt values are not running
PM35921COC-ERR-2005 when trying to import and no workbook is open
PM35928EnableSumDiffFastCalc shows wrong label for Diff when using other languages
PM36044Read required to access advanced run options for C10
PM36070Not all Drill-Through Links are working after upgrade to IBM Cognos 10
PM36071The link to add/remove users is showing up on third party namespaces in Cognos Administration > security area.
PM36133Summarize small slices or bars in charts not possible in Business Insight Advanced although stated in documentation
PM36178Style variable set on a data item and a data format defined, report fails with RSV-SRV-0040 An application error has occurred
PM36199Slider Filter cannot be used in Business Insight when report was created with german content language
PM36204The saved prompt value gets deleted when opening the Query Studio report saved in no data mode
PM36212CM-REQ-4016 Error. Unable to import PPES Reports to Cognos10 if the report contains an ampersand (&)
PM36224Warnings when drill through from report to report on Russian OS
PM36251PPDSWeb get killed off when using PCActivate
PM36298Reportoption() returns nothing with the 'history' parameter
PM36339Local Processing error is shown when Pivoting a Query Studio custom group but not for Unpivoted list
PM36454java.lang.NullPointerException when Saving Report Output to the File System When Default Selections is Defined in Prompts
PM36487Opening Child Drill Down Report in Excel displays Parent Report
PM36577All emails are getting compressed and sent as zip files, regardless of their size.
PM36578Unable to use replace() function for External Identity Mapping for "REMOTE_USER" when dn contains commas.
PM36618Issue with query optimization in C10
PM36625Calculated members in sections with the lastchild function results in error.
PM36738CAM-CRP-0286 while trying to configure environment with 3rd Party CA certificate
PM36741Unable to keep an idle report service active for longer than 15 minutes
PM36797Framework Manager is slow to open and edit query items
PM36912Static Choices set for Prompts not retained after report is Upgraded
PM36918Inconsistent behavior of Cognos Viewer Navigation links and Action Menu on upgraded report.
PM36924OP-ERR-0155 error when trying to pivot to a crosstab with a shortcut to a calculation in Query Studio
PM36931Experiencing Out of Memory errors on the source BI Server, with Java crashing when attempting to run Lifecycle
PM36972Calculated summary value in list report incorrect after upgrade
PM36990Intermittent error of no data returned when zero suppression or filter is applied to CAFE/TM1 reports
PM37027Master Detail Report Causes: XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred: Index: 0, Size: 0
PM37051Getting aggregated results when a slicer is used
PM37054IPF_LOGON_OPERATION only shows 'logoff' for batch reporting
PM37094Chart will not display when output to Excel 2007
PM37119Custom subset in PowerPlay Client does not show all the categories of the primary drill down path
PM37163Package to Package Drill-Through via PowerPlay Studio passing date level on time dimension removes filter context
PM37214Deleting column without deleting the filter results in 'Server not responding' Error
PM37223Font size in chart changing inconsistently
PM37245Job that contains an event that emails and saves to file system by default fails with "CNC-DS-0015 Error extracting options"
PM37249User has no Permissions on Report Studio but Icon is in reports run in Cognos viewer
PM37306Unexpected results with WFP reports after applying BI FP3
PM37307xlsdata dump does not work with list report that has grouping
PM37379Drill through chart, the icon in Business Insight when hovering does not show hand pointer
PM37466Report using Star Schema generates wrong SQL (join) and thus wrong result
PM37494Drill through tool tip does not display correct language with Product Language set to German
PM37522RDS-ERR-1052 when drilling in Cognos Mobile
PM37531Text prompt range default values: One or more of the required values is missing. Required values are needed to produce the report
PM375948.4.1 performance very slow for unique type report vs 8.3
PM37673Common.js has errors when drilling through
PM37719Summary filter before union do not carry over past union, 8.3
PM37734PowerPlay default request timeout does not work with export to excel from PowerPlay Studio
PM37740The Interactive Behavior property of Visible does not work with Crosstab output
PM37783When using websheets in Business Insight widgets the wrong content is shown in the widget if a new websheet was uploaded in TM1
PM37832Using page sets for a chart breaks the scale interval setting on the y-axis property
PM37858No report is detected during Report Upgrade with selecting My folders of namespace
PM37899Javascript Error on drill through in IE7 with "Enable native XMLHTTP support" disabled
PM37917Default selection of Tree Prompt disappears after upgrade from Cognos 8.3 FP4 to Cognos 10
PM37919Framework Manager User Guide incorrectly states that user will be "prompted to upgrade the model"
PM38004CRX-API-0005 in Crosstab report with Hyperlink based on Report Expression
PM38014Unable to add an object containing a single backslash in the defaultname to the permissions tab
PM38017XQE-GEN-0002 - Dimension hierarchy xxx appears more than once in a tuple during expression evaluation
PM38048After upgrade from 8.4.1 to 8.4.1 FP3 bursting shows different number of pages in output and shows duplicate data
PM38049OP-ERR-0181 At least one invalid member reference was encountered
PM38167Implement new switch RSVP.EXCEL.XLSXUI.
PM38215Slicer does not work properly after upgrade from 8.3 to 8.4.1
PM38257Setting Calculated Regular Aggregate in a Query Subject doesn't produce a warning
PM38260"Type in value" prompt in Query Studio will not shows items contained within '<' '>' characters
PM38270TM1-ERR-0019 An attempt was made to reference a dimension ("DIMENSION_NAME") that does not exist.
PM38274Masterdetail relationships cause DQM to lose query context, returning incorrect data when compared to classic
PM38289Cells which have a status of CellStatus::Null should be rendered as null / empty cells rather than "0".
PM38296Pie Chart slices have incorrect values after upgrade form Cognos 8.3 FP4 to Cognos 10 GA
PM38297Migrated DQM report loses query context resulting in incorrect data
PM38316Report Studio Lineage function results in CAF error.
PM38382Metric Studio diagram is not imported into Excel/Word
PM38393Query optimization issue - TopCount
PM38399Cells get shifted in csv when grouping applied on first column
PM38596Export Report in Excel 2007 format Failed when a bookmark Item contains the And sign "&".
PM38602[ ERROR ] Build file ‘/cognos/c10/war/dmnet/build.xml’ was not found;
PM38625Content Manager Failing To Start
PM38643Concatenated bookmark drill-through links no longer working in Cognos 10.1
PM38655DQM Migrated reports failing with XQE-DEC-0016 Internal Error - No decoration rule was found for member
PM38727Manage External Data in Business Insight Advanced results in MSR-UI-0001 error.
PM38762CM-SYS-5001 When Performing Content Store Deployment
PM38773CMS sample for authentication loops when using Firefox 3.5 and 3.6
PM38788Query Service Creating Malformed XML in System Metrics Dump
PM38800the command line option-r doesn't have any effect when building a cube to set the logging level
PM38856HTS-GEN-0102 There was a problem loading the task list.
PM38887Query Studio returns error when "Last Number of Days" and "Leave Out Missing Values" is selected
PM38930If a AttributeHierarchyDisplayFolder name is provided in MSAS cube, UT-DEF-0096 error occurs
PM39076Excel 2007 pie chart outputs don't have measure labels
PM39208Returning to default entry in Cognos Viewer porlet not working properly
PM39235DPR-ERR-2056 when removing a data item in query studio with filters applied
PM39275CAM-AAA-0134 and CAM-AAA-0172 while login after username in authentication source is changed while user was logged in
PM39288Performance of Analysis Studio Hierarchy Search with large TM1 Cube member cardinality is poor
PM39382Migrating a report from 8.3FP3 to 8.4.1FP3 fail depending on the prompts
PM39484Excel Filename in Chinese character incorrect
PM39511Repeat Crosstab Labels in CSV Output Format
PM39536Content Manager taskID searchPath queries fail "quick lookup" and trigger slow entire content store search.
PM39554When exiting the application right after a Save As, the dashboard can be saved empty
PM39641Unable to execute a build from a catalog held in MYSQL using IBM Cognos Data Manager 10.1
PM39675Cannot hide legend title in a map
PM39733Empty browse packages and reports dialog in Transformer when not logged in as a System Admin user
PM39756http 400 error expanding reports in Business Insight
PM39766Execute via DMS option fails without System Administrator role
PM39811Join Relationships screen does not appear if a component query has a non-alpha character in its name
PM39858Filter date in Query Studio does not show the Portuguese date format
PM39885Using MSxxx font, Japanese characters for chart title get corrupted when running the report as HTML.
PM39935Consistency check shall start before cache is built
PM40081FALSE (TR3819) PowerCube(s) have been deployed successfully message
PM40174Content Manager deadlocks in createUserAccount
PM40190Incorrect values in Cognos 10 report from TM1 data source.
PM40338Cannot insert Chart based on List report
PM4039010.1 and 10.1 FP1 :: .DMP file created by ppdsweb process when drilling down in PP cube report
PM40393Not all segments could be loaded...
PM40418Creating same MDQuerySpec several times
PM40563Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) authentication provider not available on z/Linux install
PM40734Not able to Drill down after 7th Row using TM1 as the datasource
PM40807Event Studio agent failing with java.lang.NullPointerException
PM40820Error "[cmCacheServiceHandler] Error connecting to bus" when the ContentManagerCacheService is enabled
PM40906Large List report errors: An unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
PM41025Number of Rows per page in properties of a report not honored in 10.1
PM41061XQE errors encountered when running reports under load of 10 users or above.
PM41074Cognos 10 Query Studio Documentation should cover the Advanced Run-time Options in users' My Preferences
PM41089Report Studio Breadcrumb drill up not working in C10
PM41096endless loop in jobService wait
PM41206Sorting not working as per client when using DQM
PM41273Report error after upgrade from Cognos 8.3 FP2 to Cognos 8.3 FP5
PM41499DB2 zOS - promptmany query macro causes improper SQL.
PM41680Query Studio Summary rows re-appears after "Automatically generate footer summaries for measures” is disabled.
PM41690Show Key and Caption FM property has no effect in DQM
PM41801Japanese characters in TM1 cube names generates TM1-ERR-0061 if it's used as data source in Report/Query Studio report.
PM41830CTree message when leaving report with tree prompt inactive and then expanding tree
PM41940CCLAssertError on drill down or export to excel
PM42025AddToCustomView method returns a Runtime Error when the same user is added to a second view
PM42047Available Locales not reflective of Global Configuration settings
PM42083UDA-EE-0094 The operation "_days_between" is invalid for the following combination of data types: "varchar" and "timestamp2"
PM42112Advanced server setting should be picked up at Run time for RSVP.RENDER.XHTMLSTRICT property, Including Repeater Tables
PM42136QE-DEF-0260 Error thrown when using report elements of german report and filter on dashboard
PM42190DPR-ERR-2056 when output format is PDF
PM42213CPU usage raises when Business Insight dashboard contains several report elements and filters
PM42367XQE-PLN-0174 The column 435 must be contained in an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause. at
PM42371Connection command block (open session) not firing one per report in a job via DQM (works in classic)
PM42399RDS-ERR-1022 during authentication
PM42482After a TM1 Web widget is dropped, clicking another viewer widget's do more button to launch Business Insight Advanced, hangs.
PM42517Prompt/Drill no longer works after 8.4.1 to C10 Upgrade
PM42550Active Report has sorting issue
PM42581Unable to start IPF logging on DB2-10 and DB2 9.1 on zOS
PM42605XQE-V5-0005 Identifier not found occurring intermittently during concurrent users load tests
PM42680Reporting Date Root Member inclusion in query causes Report execution poor performance.
PM42925CM-SYS-5149 Content Manager is unable to process your request while importing Samples deployment for Derby and DB2 Content Store
PM42993Filter Dialog not as expected when re-run filtered Query Studio report
PM43028Job is taking longer in Data Manager 10 to finish compared to with Data Manager 8.x
PM43249Drill Through Report fails with RSV-SRV-0002 error in C10
PM43267DPR-GTY-5000/5003 encountered when using WAS Servlet Gateway with Cognos 10
PM43300IE error on page permission denied executing link to C8 content from C10
PM43386Navigation to the Webpage was Canceled' error when adding text item to a Business Insight Dashboard via a SSL Gateway
PM43515Type-in MDX is not supported in TM1
PM43531Running report to Excel 2000 format causes core dump to be created
PM43706BIBus Core when running multiple users stability test
PM43738IF-THEN-ELSE with Parameter Values in Optional Detailed Filter Not Processing Else Statement in 8.4.1
PM43787MSR-PD-0005 error generated when mapping external data
PM43814Error RQP-DEF-0177 UDA-SQL-0564 on a report with a cast()
PM43913Active Reports have a limitation on how many graphs will display
PM43923Session parameter is ignored for DMR objects in the expression editor
PM44233upon a SOAP fault JSM generates soapenc while SOAP-ENC prefix is not defined
PM44324Report studio image height of 1.376 cm generates error using excel 2007
PM44477Content Manager should continue to start up even though an object's name is invalid.
PM44623Unable to navigate through Cognos Navigator after 10.1.4801.1083
PM44705CM-REQ-4158 search path is invalid when downloading reports saved in folder containing ampersand
PM44754Temp data cache files for Essbase Local OLAP accumulate if Cognos Service is restarted
PM44839Excel 2007 output in Excel 2010 loses 3D affect and legend is displayed incorrectly
PM45086Data Manager Netezza Loader does not retrieve the data source username and password
PM45220DPR-ERR-2101 error trying to logon again to namespace
PM45612Reports with AVS charts: RSV-SRV-0042 RSReportService.cpp(802):

Cognos for Microsoft Office
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Office Connection 10.1 FP1.
PM08042Style border doesn't apply or apply on wrong position
PM15986Added extra space in Go! Office for Summary field
PM17467After applying Interim Build, doing a Refresh All overwrites the Display Value with Use Value.
PM17878Office 2007 document not available to Office Connection following publish.
PM19661Member alias changing to MUN when doing refresh of data
PM19885Cognos Office Connection honors Cell Value prompt but ignores Display parameter value
PM24016DateTime import shows incorrect Data
PM24521During the import of a larger Report ~5min into Go! Office the hourglass stops turning, nonetheless the report finishes
PM28018When refreshing a Query Studio Report with GO! Office header information are writing in the selected Excel Cell
PM30763mismatch columns in the Go! Office
PM31816Go Office will not import all lists if report named R111
PM32593Imported Elements tab does not refresh/blank out after closing sheet
PM34631COC-ERR-2005 after cognos inactivity timeout - Siteminder
PM35736Date changes to Datetime after Refresh in Cognos for Microsoft Office
PM35791Blanks in Excel reports cause no results returned
PM38320Specified Cast is not valid for import of specific C10 report in Go Office
PM40132Typo of Japanese character "package " in IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office Installation Guide
PM40559Formatting imported content into work is lost when 'Refresh Data' or 'Refresh All Data'
PM42665Formatting is lost on top left corner edge of a crosstab containing the measure.

Cognos BI Metric Server
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos BI Metric Server 10.1.1.
PM07753Most recent values for a new metric with no data or score does not display 'no data' as per documentation
PM10662Unable to append information to an existing metric Description after importing flat files into a metric store
PM12457DIS-RUN-3364 recalculation issue stuck LOADER_QUEUE table
PM16066Most Recent Values does not reset itself on some metrics
PM16374Recalculate Metric Store Derived values fails with SQL0811N error
PM21763Most recent value is not displaying correctly in 'table data'...graph shows right value
PM22376Alert sent from Metric Studio watch list to the user does not show the correct value
PM22944Breadcrumb word wrap causes displacement of Functional Impacts menu flyout in the UI
PM23418Business Insight failed to perform search on Metric Studio content
PM30663Installing Cognos 8.4.1 BI FP3 breaks Metrics Designer
PM30786Recalculate derived values fails with DIS-RUN-3364 when using MS SQL Server 2008 server and client
PM31349cmm_create_db fails when using oracle11
PM32770Encountered error while loading CCQ data
PM32993After running a metrics extract, an unwanted qualifier name is appended to all metrics.
PM33003Unable to correct period mapping - Retrieving time period data...
PM34899Incorrect Install steps for Oracle client in Install and Config Guide (Cognos 10)
PM35030Year, Quarter and Month fields missing from the default FM model for a metrics package in 10.1
PM36517Metrics List Portlet strategy expand/collapse button does not work if multiple Metric List Portlets are being displayed.
PM37605Slow performance opening metric report tab
PM38280Metric Designer pulling incorrect data from FM package

Cognos Mobile
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos Mobile 10.1.1.
PM27703Intermittent DPR-ERR-2072 error on report sent to mobile device
PM29236Cognos Mobile webApp styled for iPhone viewing when viewed from iPad
PM30475Go Mobile FP3 install :: user can’t navigate to the right end of the report.
PM31600Go Mobile FP3 install :: reports now display/view/look different on device
PM36048The background of the common web entry page should resize on the ipad
PM37168Report is not delivered to Mobile users in the language of preference.
PM37678Finish button doesn't work in Go Mobile 10 for prompt page
PM41823Background Color of a Table Cell not rendered in GO! Mobile via iPad
PM42133Images do not appear with 3G on Android/iPad/iPhone devices.
PM42189Go! Mobile: Cascading Prompts fail with error
PM44100Report based on a Powercube does not complete running when run through GO Mobile

Cognos Real-time Monitoring
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring 10.1.1.
PM20294Notification does not contain the text attachment when filtering the reportlet based off a rule
PM26076The Summary view does not refresh in a timely fashion
PM30452Javascript error when adding more than twenty schedules to a JDBC Data Stream poller
PM35372Unable to filter ldap users when synching from external Cognos 8 BI
PM44911Performance issues on vertical combination charts

Cognos Virtual View Manager
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos Virtual View Manager 10.1.1.
PM32371"Steps to install pre-configured Microsoft SQL ServerJDBC Driver" for VVM appear to be incorrect for MS SQL 2008
PM32524A VVM data source with many Salesforce tables will throw an error when trying to do add/remove resources
PM3703964-bit VVM Adapters for 64-bit Windows do not correctly locate Cognos Virtual View Manager

[{"Product":{"code":"SSEP7J","label":"Cognos Business Intelligence"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"10.1.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}},{"Product":{"code":"SSEN9H","label":"IBM Cognos Mobile"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Cognos Mobile","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"","label":"Apple iOS"},{"code":"PF005","label":"BlackBerry OS"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"","label":"HP Itanium"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF028","label":"Symbian OS"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"10.1.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}},{"Product":{"code":"SSENRQ","label":"Cognos for Microsoft Office"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Cognos for Microsoft Office","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"10.1.1","Edition":"All Editions","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}},{"Product":{"code":"SSLU3P","label":"Cognos Real-time Monitoring"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Real-time Monitoring","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"10.1.1","Edition":"All Editions","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}},{"Product":{"code":"SSER4H","label":"Cognos Statistics"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Statistics","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"","label":"HP Itanium"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"10.1.1","Edition":"All Editions","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}}]

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