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This document contains links to English publications, including online documentation, release notes, PDF files, and CDs, for IBM® Informix® Genero®.


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IBM Knowledge Center
The Informix Genero online documentation is available in IBM Knowledge Center.

Release notes
The following table links to Techdocs that contain release notes that you can access from the web.

Product and versionRelease notes
Informix Genero v2.507039771
Informix Genero v2.40 and v2.417023913
Informix Genero v2.327021002

To view PDF files, get Adobe Reader.

Individual publications, by version
The following table links to Techdocs that contain PDF publications that you can access from the web.

Product and versionPDF publications
Informix Genero v2.507039878
Informix Genero v2.417036679
Informix Genero v2.407024111
Informix Genero v2.327020968

Documentation CDs
The following table links to the IBM Publications Center, from which you can order documentation CDs containing documentation sets in PDF.

Product and versionDocumentation CD
Informix Genero v2.50n/a
Informix Genero v2.41n/a
Informix Genero v2.40SCD7-4841-00
Informix Genero v2.32n/a

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Genero and its logo are registered trademarks of Four Js Development Tools Europe Ltd.

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