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MP1K: IBM MQ for z/OS V9.0 Performance Report



Performance report for IBM MQ V9.0 for z/OS

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This performance report details the new features and optimisations in the IBM MQ for z/OS queue manager, giving information about using IBM MQ classes for JMS in both a CICS OSGi JVM server environment and with IMS, and about using the new Advanced Message Security quality of protection 'Confidential'.

Possible Uses
This SupportPac can be used to help customers or IBM systems engineers to understand the performance highlights of IBM MQ V9.0 for z/OS, including the Advanced Message Security offering, and to compare the IBM MQ V9.0 for z/OS performance characteristics with those for V7.1 and V8.0.

Skill Level Required
Users of this SupportPac require knowledge of IBM MQ for z/OS and performance in a sysplex environment.

Author: Tony Sharkey, IBM MQ Performance, Hursley
Category: 2
Released: 06July16
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0
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Users of this SupportPac require knowledge of IBM MQ for z/OS.

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15 June 2018