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IT01: WebSphere Message Broker Enterprise Test Robot



Enterprise Test Robot is a simple tool to automate your complex middleware testing requirement.

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Enterprise Test Robot provides a light-weight tool to automate testing without requiring a complex setup. It is designed to make testing of message flows simple and repeatable. The tool may be used for Regression testing of application functionality as well as Performance testing and validation of data for Parallel Run before going into production. The tool is platform independent requiring only a supported JVM to run.

ETR is designed for testing of messaging applications. The XML based test suite is easy to configure for complex testing scenarios. The tool introduces the concept of Regulators for sending test data to the applications under different modes (looping, rate regulation, transformations, etc.) and Validators for validating the results against canned datasets supporting multiple modes and conditions (search phrases, ignore sections, transformations, XSD validation, XPath matches, etc). The tool may also be extended with new customer requirements with an engagement with ISSW.

This Category 01 SupportPac is an IBM Services Asset for WebSphere Software and may be freely downloaded under the license agreement. Please visit the IBM Software Services Zone for WebSphere website for detailed information on services offerings and to contact a services representative.
Engage IBM to provide knowledge and expertise on the Enterprise Test Robot (ETR) framework for your organization:

  • ETR Workshop
  • ETR Strategy and Planning
  • ETR Implementation
  • ETR Extensibility

Possible Uses
Test automation for messaging applications.

Author: Arunava Majumdar, Sr. IT Specialist, Focused Technology Practice (Connectivity/BPM)
Category: 1
Released: 15July14
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0
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  • IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0+
  • Java 1.5 +
  • JDBC 4 Compliant Database (Derby, DB2 9.7, Solid DB 6.5)
  • Eclipse base 3.2.2+ (optional)
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker 7.0+ (optional)

Installation Instructions

Unzip to any directory and set the EEH_PATH and ETR_PATH environment variables to the directory.

Make sure that the following WMQ 7.5 Java libraries are in the CLASSPATH when using MQ (packaged):

Other dependent Java libraries used by the ETR tool and must be in the CLASSPATH are the following:

Use the packaged scripts to run the tool. The scripts load the necessary jars for convenience.
Unix: $ETR_PATH/bin/unix/ <parameters>
Windows: %ETR_PATH%\bin\win\TestRobot.bat <parameters>

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Technical Support

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