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Required WebSphere Interim Fixes for WebSphere Portal version



This document lists the fix packs and interim fixes required for the successful operation of IBM® WebSphere® Portal version when deployed on these levels of supporting soft

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Required WebSphere Interim Fixes for WebSphere Portal version

List of minimum levels of required fix packs and interim fixes for WebSphere Application Server and Process Server deployed with WebSphere Portal version

The required maintenance for WebSphere Portal V6.1.0.1 to function properly when deployed with WebSphere Application Server or Process Server is listed in this document. The minimum fix pack levels required are:
  • WebSphere Application Server: or 7.0
  • [optional:] WebSphere Process Server: 6.1.2 or
  • [optional:] WebSphere Extended Deployment:

Installation and support for these fixes and fix packs is provided by the appropriate WebSphere product support teams, not WebSphere Portal support.

When installing non-Portal interim fixes, you must use the appropriate Update Installer which is not provided with the downloads, NOT the WebSphere Portal Update Installer. Service releases later than the levels listed above might also be used and in most cases are considered to be untested but supported.

Customers choosing to install a later service level of WebSphere Application Server or Process Server must ensure on their own that the level they are using includes some or all of the co-requisite Application Server or Process Server interim fixes listed in the Information Center and Release Notes, and then install any additional individual interim fixes not included.

Depending on the levels of WebSphere Application Server, Process Server or Extended Deployment used, the fixes listed below are required:

WebSphere Application Server version V6.1.0.19

PK66383 PK69294 PK69670 PK70063 PK71355 PK72757 PK72919 PK74487 PK76266

  • Alternatively, you can retrieve all of these necessary fixes in one package downloaded from Fix Central.

  • WebSphere Application Server version V7.0

    PK72336 PK72651 PK73140 PK67043 PK71345 PK71757 PK71758 PK71760 PK71761 PK71765 PK71766 PK71779 PK71784 PK71787 PK71789 PK71796 PK71826 PK71847 PK71855 PK71913 PK71945 PK71963 PK71980 PK72269 PK72348 PK72357 PK72683 PK76367 PK74487 PK74488 PK75069

  • Alternatively, first retrieve the fix for PK76367 appropriate for your platform. Then you can retrieve all of the other necessary fixes in one package downloaded from Fix Central.

  • Prerequisites

    WebSphere Application Server or 7.0 (Required)
    WebSphere Process Server or 6.1.2 (Optional)
    WebSphere Extended Deployment (Optional)

    [{"DNLabel":"","DNDate":"23 Jun 2009","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"12345","DNPlat":{"label":"AIX","code":"PF002"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null}]

    Technical Support

    Contact IBM Support using ESR:
    WebSphere Portal Product support:
    WebSphere Application Server Product support:
    WebSphere Process Server Product support:

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