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PK71761; 7.0: Migration of deployment manager fails to stop active dmgr



Migration cannot find the correct SSL keys when trying to stop a running deployment manager that is being migrated.

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PK71761 resolves the following problem:

In secure migrations to v7, a signer exchange prompt may appear in the logs or trace during the migration when the WASPostUpgrade process attempts to stop the running dmgr process. This prompt cannot be responded to and so the stop action fails to stop the old dmgr process.

Stop the active dmgr process prior to attempting WASPostUpgrade, or perform the dmgr migration specifying the option "-keepDmgrEnabled true", to keep the previous release deployment manager enabled.


IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Migration Tools users using Network Deployment

Migration cannot find the correct SSL keys when trying to stop a running deployment manager that is being migrated.

Apply this fix, or stop the old deployment manager process, or run the migration specifying the -keepDmgrEnabled true option

The runtime tools cache the V7 autogenerated default keystores early in WASPostUpgrade processing. This cache is not updated during the migration, so the incorrect keys are located when the WASPostUpgrade tool attempts to stop the running deployment manager process. This will only occur if the original configuration uses the default keystores, and those keystores match the names used by the v7 autogenerated default keystores. This case occurs for customers using default *.p12 keystores in v6.1 migrating to v7.

The migration has been updated to flush the keystore cache prior to connecting to the deployment manager process so the migrated keystores will be used.

The fix for this APAR is currently targeted for inclusion in fixpack

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Please download the UpdateInstaller below to install this fix.

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Please review the readme.txt for detailed installation instructions.

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