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BA78: IBM WebSphere Integration Developer - WebSphere MQ-CICS Bridge Plug-in



This SupportPac helps you quickly build WebSphere ESB or WebSphere Process Server applications that connect to CICS® programs via the WebSphere MQ-CICS Bridge.

Download Description

The WebSphere MQ-CICS Bridge plug-in provides support for handling the MQ headers (MQMD and MQCIH) needed to communicate with CICS applications via the MQ-CICS Bridge. It includes mediation primitives and a MQCIH header binding class.

A cheat sheet takes you through all the steps necessary to build a mediation module to connect to a CICS program through the Bridge.

Possible Uses
You can use this plug-in to significantly reduce the time taken to develop integration code to access your COMMAREA CICS applications via the WebSphere MQ-CICS Bridge.

Skill Level Required
To use this SupportPac, you need to be familiar with WebSphere Integration Developer. You do not need to have strong WebSphere MQ or CICS Transaction Server skills, but you will need access to information that a WebSphere MQ administrator and CICS developer must provide.

New in this Release
· The plug-in now supports WebSphere Integration Developer
· Data binding generation is now provided and fully-supported by WebSphere Integration Developer

Author: IBM Software Group Scenario Analysis Laboratory, Hursley
Category: 2
Released: 29Jun07
Last updated: 01Apr08
Current SupportPac Version: 2.1
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Development environment:
· WebSphere Integration Developer
Runtime environment:
· WebSphere Process Server 6.1 or WebSphere ESB 6.1
· CICS Transaction Server 2.2 or later
· WebSphere MQ 5.3.1 or later

Installation Instructions

To install the Plug-in in WebSphere Integration Developer
1. Unzip the file into ${WID_INSTALL_DIR}/
2. Restart WebSphere Integration Developer using the '-clean' option to pick up the plug-in, e.g. ${WID_INSTALL_DIR}/wid -clean.

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15 June 2018