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QRadar: Event Rate displays zero in the Event Rate (EPS) (Count) dashboard graph during the nightly autoupdate deploy



During the nightly autoupdate config deploy, the Events Per Second (EPS) rate is observed to temporarily display zero in the "Event Rate (EPS) (Count) (Events per Second Raw- Average 1 Min)" dashboard graph.


The Event Rate (EPS) (Count) (Events per Second Raw- Average 1 Min) Dashboard graph can be seen with results similar to:
Zero events are displayed in the graph when the ecs-ec service is restarting.  The 7.5k EPS spike, in the chart afterwards,  is where the ecs-ec-ingress spools events to ecs-ec. The accumulator service, which allows the creation of graphs, is also being restarted during the config deploy action.


The nightly autoupdate deploy causes the ecs-ec service to restart on the console and managed hosts. The ecs-ec service also restarts during a full configuration deploy.  In both cases, the EPS drops to 0 in the graph.  This is expected behavior.

Resolving The Problem

This is expected behavior during a full configuration deploy which also happens during the night autoupdate job.

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27 May 2021