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Open/share third-party app data using Secure Editor and Docs

Release Notes


In the previous releases, MaaS360 restricted the use of Secure Container apps to access corporate content. In this release, MaaS360 removes the restriction to allow files from third-party apps to be opened and shared with Secure Viewer/Editor and MaaS360 Docs respectively. MaaS360 Viewer/Editor and Docs app work as shared resources in an Android Enterprise enrolled device. For example, users can now edit a Word document in the Files app with Secure Editor and then Share it to Docs app.


When a supported file type is opened, Secure Editor/Secure Viewer is shown in Open with menu and MaaS360 Docs is shown in Share via menu.
open with menu option Share via menu option

Note: Applicable to Android Enterprise devices. Requires MaaS360 for Android 7.0, Secure Editor 7.0, Secure Viewer 7.0, and MaaS360 Docs 7.0.

Behavior in Profile Owner

Sharing into Docs: Allowed by default on Android from Personal Profile to Work Profile.
If Android Enterprise Settings > Security > Work Profile-specific Settings > Disallow Share into Managed Profile policy is set to Yes on Android 9+ devices, cross profile sharing will be disabled.

Opening with Editor/Viewer : Disallowed by default on Android from Personal Profile to Work Profile.

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Modified date:
16 March 2020