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The IBM® Jacl to Jython Conversion Assistant (Jacl2Jython) is a program that assists in converting WebSphere® administrative (wsadmin) scripts written in Jacl into Jython syntax.

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Since the WebSphere Application Server version 5.1 release, the WebSphere administration scripting tool (wsadmin) supported both Jacl (Java™ TCL) and Jython (Java Python) as the scripting languages. When selecting a scripting language, Jython is the strategic direction as the administration scripting language for WebSphere Application Server because future enhancements of the scripting language is focused on the use of Jython. To leverage these Jython enhancements and tools, there is an IBM Jacl to Jython Conversion Assistant, Jacl2Jython, to facilitate the migration.

The IBM Jacl to Jython Conversion Assistant (Jacl2Jython) is a program that assists in converting wsadmin scripts written in Jacl into Jython syntax. In most cases, the results of the conversions are syntactically equivalent and usually runtime equivalent. However, the differences in the Jacl and Jython scripting language might result in a few lines of script that are difficult to convert automatically by the Jacl2Jython program. In most of these cases, these preliminary converted lines of script are flagged #?PROBLEM? to mark areas in the script where you need to manual verify or alter the script to ensure the intended runtime results are maintained. While you need to manually review and verify all the converted script, the #?PROBLEM? comment flags help identify areas in the script that most likely require further processing.

The Jython code that is generated by the Jacl2Jython program may make references to parts of the Jython libraries that were not shipped until WebSphere Application Server v6.1. For more information on how to use this Jython code in a v5.1 or v6.0 WebSphere Application Server environment see the section titled '2. WebSphere v5.1 or v6.0 execution' under the 'Running Jacl2Jython converted wsadmin Jython code' heading in the Jacl2Jython documentation.

In summary, the Jacl2Jython program is a conversion assistant which is designed to complete most of the preliminary conversion. However, you are responsible for manually verifying all of the preliminary conversion and manually convert or modify the code to make the script function as originally intended. Even if the preliminary conversion might appear correct, you are require to complete the line-by-line manual review and verification of the preliminary converted Jython scripts.

Included in the file is a documentation (Jacl2Jython.doc) describing the usage of the Jacl2Jython program, how to resolve parser problems in the input Jacl script, and considerations for your manual alterations to the preliminary Jython script file produced by the Jacl2Jython program.

Change history
Release date: 25 April 2006
Last updated: 1 February 2007

  • 1 February 2007:
    • Converts pwd and $xxxx.yyyy - version 2.5
  • 17 January 2007:
    • Enhanced Jacl "IF" multiline syntax accepted - version 2.4
  • 13 December 2006:
    • Utility method wsadminToList uses split() to support length=0 checks - version 2.3
  • 4 December 2006:
    • Added conversion for JACL functions "trim", "trimleft", "trimright" - version 2.2
  • 25 September 2006:
    • Updated the Jack2Jython.jar to provide a conversion fix (sublists within a list are comma separated) - version 2.1
  • 17 May 2006:
    • Contains updated documentation (Jacl2Jython.doc and HTML) regarding AdminTask with sub-lists, and updated Jacl2Jython.jar to comment AdminTask method invocations - version 2.0
  • 25 April 2006:
    • Published the initial release - version 1.9



Installation Instructions

To install the IBM Jacl to Jython Conversion Assistant simply extract the file to any directory on your file system where you want this program to reside. After extracting the file, you need to set the operating system's JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of a Java™ Runtime Environment v1.4.2 or higher before launching the Jacl2Jython.bat or file.

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