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IH01: WebSphere BI Brokers - Questions and Answers



This SupportPac helps users of WebSphere MQ Integrator and WBI Message Brokers work with the system components, with the Control Center, and with message sets and message flows.

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The SupportPac provides answers to common questions that users might encounter when they set up a WebSphere MQ Integrator broker domain. It also includes questions and answers for users of the Control Center who are defining their broker domain topology, their topics and topic-based security, and creating, assigning and deploying message sets and message flows. General hints, as well as questions and answers, are included to help with the Debugger function of the Control Center.

The text was originally written for MQ Integrator V2.1, but many of the answers relate to WBI Message Brokers V5.

The WebSphere MQ Integrator Version 2.1 - Introduction and Planning (GC34-5599) and WebSphere MQ Integrator Version 2.1 - Using the Control Center (SC34-5602) manuals provide the background information you need to take advantage of the information provided in the SupportPac.

The SupportPac assumes that users of this SupportPac have a basic grasp of the concepts of WebSphere MQ Integrator Broker and the Control Center.

Author: WebSphere MQ User Technologies, IBM United Kingdom Laboratories
Category: 2
Released: 03Apr00
Last Updated: 17Nov03
Current Version: 1.5

The book has been refreshed for the release of WebSphere MQ Integrator Version 2.1 CSD2, for the AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Windows NT and Windows 2000, and z/OS platforms.
Many new questions and answers have been added, mostly arising out of customer experiences on the z/OS platform.

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- WebSphere MQ Integrator Version 2.1 with CSD2.
Also generally applies to:
- WebSphere BI Message Brokers V5

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15 June 2018