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QRadar: What Different Notifications do I subscribe to?

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What are the different types of notifications that I require to be informed of Notifications for Products, Cases, and Requests for Enhancement (RFEs)?


There are types of Notifications recommended for QRadar. These notification help you remain informed of case updates, Subscriptions, and RFE notifications

  • Case Notifications - Notifications that are designed to keep you up to date while you are working a support case.
    Case Notifications
  • Product Notifications
    Product Notifications
    • Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR), - APARs are formal reports of a problem or Suspect defect.
    • Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) - PSIRT notifications are for security-related issues including vulnerabilities.
    • RSS Summary's - Press releases, Blogs, News stories, and WIKIs
    • Tech Notes - Technical articles that cover troubleshooting, Administration tips, and Product information not covered in IBM Documentation.
    • Flash Notices - Alerts of product issues.
    • Release Notes - Updates on Fixes and issues they resolve
    • Forums - Community help where you can post a question to that are answered by either our technical staff or other Customers.
    • News Letters -Highlights of issues in the QRadar Community
    • Webcasts - Open Mic Events - Online Webex where we talk about product features in detail and you can post your questions directly to the QRadar team.
  • Request For Enhancement Notifications (RFEs). Updates of RFEs you created or subscribed to.
    Requests For Enhancements

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