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QRadar: Request For Enhancements (RFE) and how to use them

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What is a Request For Enhancement (RFE) and what do you need to know how to use them?


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1. About requests for enhancement (RFEs)

The IBM Security Ideas Portal is a place where you can collaborate with development teams users to feature requests. Requests for Enhancements are suggestions for features and capabilities not already offered in the QRadar product family. These include new DSM types, App requests and features, user interface improvements, rules, reports, and suggestions for all products in IBM Security, such as QRadar Risk Manager or QRadar Vulnerability Manager. As the owner of the request, you can share your idea with your team or have them vote up your request. As a member of the Ideas portal, you are entitled to search the submissions, look for features already submitted and vote on them to increase their visibility.

Links to RFEs by product:

2. How long does it take for an RFE to be considered?

The request submitter is automatically notified by email when the request is submitted. IBM provides an update within 30 days of submission. A decision on the RFE or request for more information is provided within 90 days.

3. What is a valid RFE topic?

A valid Request for Enhancement (RFE) would be features such as a new Log Source for consideration as a Device Support Module (DSM), user-interface enhancements, or functionality not currently featured in QRadar. The criteria for acceptance is based on whether the RFE aligns with QRadars future roadmap direction, the impact of accepting this request to the business, customer, and QRadar deliverables. Requests deemed defects, are not accepted as RFEs. Examples are DSM parsing issues, protocol issues, user interface errors where the product is not working or issues resulting from QRadar log errors.

4. How to submit an RFE

If you have an idea of a feature or enhancement for a QRadar product, you can submit an RFE for review.

  1. Navigate to the IBM Security Ideas Portal.
  2. Sign in with your IBM ID. 
  3. Click Add a new idea.
    image 11582
  4. Select the workspace (product) for your feature request.
    Note: QRadar SIEM is listed as QRadar Security Information and Event Management in the workspace drop-down.
  5. Type your idea.
    Note: If your idea matches an existing feature request, it is displayed to you so you can vote on an existing feature.
    image 11583
  6. Provide details to describe your feature request and include any business justification.
  7. Enter your company name in the Company field.
  8. Select the Idea Priority.
    image 11584
  9. Optional. Select a value for the Needed By field.
    image 11585
  10. Optional. Type a Contact ID if IBM needs to request information from a user who is not the originator of the idea.
  11. Optional. Type a Support case ID if this request originated after a case you submitted.
  12. Click Share Idea.
    image 11586
    The RFE is submitted for a review. If you experience issues with the IBM Security Ideas Portal, contact the Ideas team for assistance.

To search for requests by other submitters.

  1. Sign in to the IBM Security Ideas Portal.
  2. Search for users submissions based on keywords.
    image 11587
  3. Optional. Add further filtering by status or product.
    image 11589
  4. Click the feature request to view the full details.

    The feature request is displayed. If comments are available, they are displayed in the detailed view. If you

6. How to Vote on an RFE

Voting is an important part of the feature request process. IBM Security teams review all enhancement requests and the more users who vote on an issue typically adds priority to the stories and features in the development team queue.

  1. Sign in to the IBM Security Ideas Portal.
  2. Search for users submissions based on keywords.
  3. Click the Vote button.
    image 11591
  4. The vote button updates to indicate you voted for the feature.
    image 11592

    You voted on an issue. If you clicked the Vote button on accident, you can click the Vote button again to remove a vote on a feature request.

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