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QRadar: Request For Enhancements (RFE) and how to use them

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What is a Request For Enhancement (RFE) and what do you need to know how to use them?


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1. What are RFEs?

The RFE Community is a place where you can collaborate with development teams and other product users through your ability to Search, View Comment on submit and track RFE requests. Requests for Enhancements are suggestions for features and capabilities not already offered in the QRadar product family. These include new DSM types, UI features, Rules, Reports, Vulnerability scanners, QRadar Risk Manager, QRadar Vulnerability Manager, and Log Manager. As the owner of the request you can email the RFE Id to your team or add them to a group watch list. As part of the RFE community you are entitled to search the submissions, look for features already submitted and vote on them to increase their visibility.

Links to RFEs by product:

2. How long does it take for an RFE to be considered?

The request submitter is automatically notified by email when the request is submitted. IBM provides an update within 30 days of submission. A decision on the RFE or request for more information is provided within 90 days.

3. What information is Visible within the RFE Community?

You can change an RFE from Private to public when you enter your request. Within the RFE Community, the Company field is visible to you and IBM only. However, if you entered company information in your profile, it might be visible in other IBM sites. If you want to ensure that your company information is not visible to other IBM sites and is only visible within the RFE Community, leave the Company field blank when completing your profile and enter only your company information when you're submitting a request within the RFE Community.

4. What is a Valid RFE Topic?

A valid Request for Enhancement (RFE) would be features such as a new Log Source for consideration as a Device Support Module (DSM), user-interface enhancements, or functionality not currently featured in QRadar. The criteria for acceptance is based on whether the RFE aligns with QRadar's future road map direction, the impact of accepting this request to the business, customer, and QRadar deliverables. Requests deemed defects, are not accepted as RFEs. Examples are DSM parsing issues, protocol issues, user-interface functionality that is not working, and issues resulting from QRadar log errors.

5. How to Submit an RFE

If you have an idea of a feature or enhancement for a QRadar product, you can submit an RFE for review.

  1. Choose your QRadar product: QRadar SIEM,  QRadar Integrations, QRadar Vulnerability Manager (QVM)QRadar Incident Forensics (QRIF),  QRadar Risk Manager (QRM)QRadar Log Manager,  QRadar Apps
  2. Sign in to the IBM RFE Community by using your IBM id. 
  3. Click the Submit tab.
    image 1137
  4. Type a Headline as a description for your enhancement request.
  5. Select a Submitters Ranking of Priority. The Choices are Low, Medium, High, and Urgent.
  6. Select an Operating System from the Drop-Down Menu.
  7. Select an Industry appropriate for your company from Drop-Down Menu.
  8. If you would like to change the Visibility from the default check the RFE preference box.
  9. Optional. Type a Support Case ID if this request originated after a case you submitted.
  10. Optionally Enter a Tracking ID so your identification.
  11. Enter in as much detail as you can in the Description of what you are requesting. You can use up to 5000 characters in your description. If the request is too vague, the RFE might be declined.
  12. Enter a Use Case.
  13. Business Justification is optional.
  14. Optionally you can attach up to four files to the case and they need to be no larger than 10 MB.
    Note: you have options to make the attachment Private or Public. You also can enter a description of the attachment.
  15. Click Submit.

The RFE is submitted for a review. After the RFE is submitted, you have 24 hours to make updates on the request. After 24 hours, the Request will be locked unless more information is required. If you have questions about your RFE, you can ask in our forums:

To Search for requests by other submitters.

  1. Sign in to the IBM RFE Community.
  2. Filter by the Brand and Product from the list.
  3. Click Search tab. The Product Brand Product Family and Component is filled in for you. If not, select the correct criteria for your search.
  4. Add optional criteria for Status, Companies, Keywords, and Date range created.
  5. You can either Save the Search or run the search.
    1. To Save a search.
      1. Click Save search.
      2. Add a search Name.
      3. Add a Description.
      4. Click Submit.
    2. To run the Search click Search.
      1. Click Show summaries to add more detail displayed RFEs.
      2. Optional click Download to download the list to a CSV.
      3. Optional Click Change criteria to add more filters.
      4. Optionally you can add the search to My Watchlist or add to a Group watchlist.
      5. Optionally you can Vote on the RFE if its something you require.

You now searched and saved a search.

7. How to Vote or Unvote an RFE

To vote on an RFE.

  1. Sign in to the IBM RFE Community.
  2. Search by Attributes, Search ID or by My Searches to find an RFE you would like to vote on.
  3. To search by attribute.
    1. Click I want to specify the brand, product, family, and product.
    2. From the Brand drop-down menu, choose Security.
    3. From the Product Family drop-down menu, choose Security.
    4. From the Product drop-down menu, choose the QRadar Product you would like to search on.
    5. From the Component drop-down menu, choose the item you would like to search on.
    6. Optional Choose the Company.
    7. Enter a keyword in the text box.
    8. Enter a date range in the Date Create between: boxes.
    9. Click Search or Save Search.
    10. Click the Headline that has a description similar to what you are looking for.
    11. Scroll to request actions.
    12. Click Vote.
  4. To remove a vote.
    1. Click My Stuff tab.
    2. Click My Votes.
    3. Find the Headline of the RFE you choose to remove your vote.
    4. Click the link Remove vote.

You voted or removed a vote on an RFE.

8. How to Create an RFE Email list

To email this request to recipients.

  1. Sign in to the IBM RFE Community.
  2. Find Request actions.
  3. Click Email this request.
  4. In the Email this request form, enter up to 20 emails that are separated by coma's.
  5. Add a Supplemental message.
  6. Optionally you can click the box to send yourself a copy of this email.
  7. Click Submit.

Results: You now are sending emails to members on your list.

9. How to create an RFE Watchlist

To get notified as part of my watch list.

  1. Sign in to the IBM RFE Community.
  2. Click My stuff tab.

  3. Click My watchlist.
  4. Click Subscribe.
  5. Click Yes.

Results: you are now subscribed to the watch list for your Requests For Enhancements.

10. How to create a Group Watch list

To add a Group watch list.

  1. Sign in to the IBM RFE Community.
  2. Click the Group tab.
  3. Click Create a new Group.
  4. Add A Group Name.
  5. Add a Group description.
  6. Choose if the group is to have visibility. A public view displays the group in the group directory. If the group is set to private, it does not appear in the group directory.
  7. Optional Click the box to Automatically accept requests for membership to this group. The default is the owner must accept a request for membership to the group.
  8. Optional add additional information about the group.
  9. Optional add a URL for the group.
  10. Choose the Default voting levels: Options are 0 to 10, or Low, Medium, and High.

  11. Choose How the request ranking is updated. Options are Automatic or Manual.

  12. Click Submit.
  13. Click the Group.
  14. Click Manage Members.
  15. Click Manage Invitations.

  16. Click Invite new member.
  17. Enter a New Member by using their Display name.
  18. Click a Role for that member. The options are Member or Administrator.
  19. Click Submit.

Results: You have added a Watch list Group and have added users to it.


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