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QRadar: What is AVP?

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What is Accelerated Value Program (AVP) and what extra benefits does it add?


The Accelerated Value Program (AVP) provides solutions that help you in your journey from software purchase to implementation and beyond. The program helps you work with us efficiently and get optimized solutions for your unique problems. Using AVP with QRadar, Experts are assigned to you to give you priority service. These experts know your environment, understand your goals, and advise you in personalized solutions.

The mission of AVP.

  • Anticipates.
    • Providing assistance to remove barriers to software adoption, and delivering knowledge and expertise.
  • Advises.
    • Applying knowledge of your environment to build in-house competencies.
  • Acts.
    • Reducing technical problems, performing advanced analysis, and minimizing the risk of implementation errors. 

For visit this link for more information on the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program.

Accelerated Value Program

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19 April 2021