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Using Virtual Data Pipeline for Cloud Pak for Data

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IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) is a highly scalable copy data management platform that virtualizes databases to improve the resiliency, agility, and cloud mobility of your business. IBM InfoSphere VDP enables you to capture data from production systems, manage it in the most efficient way possible, and use virtual or physical copies of the data whenever and wherever they are needed.

The IBM® InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) solution is deployed outside of a Cloud Pak for Data cluster to capture point in time copies of production databases and provide virtual clones for Cloud Pak for Data and Data Virtualization. This document helps you learn how to use IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline.


  1. For an introduction on basic concepts and using IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline, please review Introducing VDP.pdf.
  2. Demo's on how to use IBM Virtual Data Pipeline can be found on IBM's Digital Technical Engagement (DTE) site.

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19 June 2020