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What activities can be done ahead of time to ensure a better chance for a successful Db2 migration?

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What activities can be done ahead of time to ensure a better chance succseful Db2 migration?


In addition to applying migration-related maintenance and running pre-migration jobs such as DSNTESQ and DSTIJPM, you can complete Complete the following DBA object maintenance activities:
  • Run jobs like MODIFY RECOVERY DELETE to remove old records to reduce the size of Db2 catalog and directory objects.
  • Run REORG against the db2 catalog and directory objects to reclaim space.

The majority of the DSNTIJEN migration job is REORG operations, and the time that each REORG against the Db2 catalog and directory takes can serve as an estimate for the size of the migration window that your Db2 migration requires. REORG can also expose any space issues and any issues with the setup of the SMS environment.

For more information about running REORG for catalog and directory objects, see Reorganizing the catalog and directory.

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