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What kind of documentation should I collect for IBM to do diagnosis when migration fails?

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What kind of documentation should I collect for IBM to do diagnosis when Db2 for z/OS migration fails?


The documentation required is different for different type of problems.

In order for IBM to diagnose the Db2 migration failures, the following basic docs should be collected and sent to IBM for investigation:

  • Any dump produced
  • Joblog of migration job
  • Db2 MSTR joblog
  • The output of DB2 command -DISPLAY GROUP DETAIL
  • DSN1PRNT output of DSNDB01 header page with he following sampleJCL, to confirm catalog level:
    //JOBLIB  DD set name,DISP=SHR            
    //DSNTIN   EXEC PGM=DSN1PRNT,PARM='PRINT(0),FORMAT'                
    //SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                                            
    //SYSUT1   DD  DSN=xxxxxxx.DSNDBC.DSNDB01.DBD01.I0001.A001,DISP=SHR
    //SYSUT2   DD  DUMMY                                              
For more serious problems, such as when Db2 fails to start , send the following additional documentation:
1. The bootstrap data set (BSDS) in raw sequential format. To obtain the BSDS in sequential format, use the following sample jcl. Please change the data set names to your site's naming convention. The example JCL is for a Db2 11 system with 8K control interval size. Db2 10 uses 4K control interval size.
      //S1       EXEC PGM=IDCAMS                                      
      //SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                                          
      //SYSUDUMP DD  SYSOUT=*                                          
      //OUTDD    DD  DSN=DSNC000.BSDS03.SEQCOPY,              <- change
      //             DISP=(NEW,CATLG),UNIT=SYSDA,                      
      //             DCB=(LRECL=8185,BLKSIZE=24576,RECFM=VB),          
      //             SPACE=(CYL,(8,2),RLSE)                            
      //SYSIN    DD  *                                                
             REPRO -                                                  
                  INDATASET(DSNC000.BSDS03) -                 <- change

2. For data sharing systems, if raw BSDS is not sufficient, then get the SCA dump
      //STEP1   EXEC PGM=DSNJU999,PARM='DUMP SCA grpname'  
      //         DD DSN=DSNB10.SDSNLOAD,DISP=SHR          
      //SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=*                              
      //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*            

    grpname is the group name used at your site. You must first link edit DSNJU999 as APF-authorized using the sample in DSNB10.SDSNAMP(DSNTIDSA).

    The link-edited output goes to SDSNEXIT data set.
IBM Software Support team might ask for additional documentation, if the above is not sufficient to resolve the problem.

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