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QRadar: "Appliance Type" is missing in "System and License Management"



When installing an Event Processor using the wrong activation key on a 7.2.x version of QRadar. Adding or modifying the Managed host the Appliance Type column is empty. When you add a connection to the management host and try to specify the Event Processor in the initial setup, only the Console can be selected. The Event Processor is not displayed.


When you installing QRadar virtual appliance on a Virtual Machine, you must use Virtual Appliance Activation Key to install it.

If you use the Software Activation Key to install QRadar on a Virtual Appliance, the Appliance Type column in System and License Management View the text box will be empty.

Resolving The Problem

To resolve this issue, reinstall QRadar on the Virtual Appliance by using the correct Virtual Activation Key. The instructions to re-install QRadar are listed in the QRadar Installation Guide .

QRadar SIEM All-in-One Virtual 3199
QRadar Log Manager Virtual 3190
QRadar SIEM Event and Flow Processor Virtual 1899
QRadar SIEM Flow Processor Virtual 1799
QRadar SIEM Event Processor Virtual 1699
QRadar Event Collector Virtual 1599
QRadar Data Node Virtual 1499
QRadar VFlow Collector Virtual 1299

You can confirm with sales or contact to get the correct Activation Key.

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04 February 2019