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QRadar: Where can you find MiBs to customize SNMP monitoring?



Where can you find MiBs to customize the monitoring of QRadar system health beyond internal monitoring?


Enhanced monitoring of QRadar appliance health.

Resolving The Problem

For Lenovo products, System X 3650 M5 for example, you can download this IMM firmware from the Lenovo downloads site:

System x3650 M5 Drivers & Software

In the component section of the Download page, select Management Module (IMM, IMM2, AMM, CMM)
Under Add click Update > Download

If you have an x3650 M4, go to Fix Central:

System x3650 M4, 7915 (All platforms)

Click IMM2

Download the Integrated Management Module 2 (IMM2) Update

The downloaded file will have the extension .uxz. To un-compress it you will require a utility such as 7zip.

7zip download

Use both MiB files.

Where do you find more information?

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16 June 2018