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QRadar: PCAP: How to enable Lenovo and Dell HyperThreading in server



From PCAP version "727b256", HyperThreading needs to be enabled in the BIOS to install the update.

Resolving The Problem

IBM 3650 M4

  1. On Post, press F2 to enter the BIOS System Setup.

  2. Under System Setting, go to Processors

  3. Set Hyper-Threading <Enable>

  4. Press Esc twice.
  5. Choose Save Settings from the BIOS menu to save all settings.
  6. Choose Exit Setup.
  7. From the Menu Do, you want to exit Setup Utility type Y.


  1. On Post, Press F2 to enter the BIOS System Setup.
  2. From System Setup Main Menu, Select System BIOS.
  3. Under System BIOS Settings Menu set:
    Select Processor Settings > Logical Processor > Enabled.
  4. Press Esc twice and Save Changes.
  5. Select OK to confirm the Changes.
  6. Press Esc and Yes to exit and reboot.

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28 October 2020