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QRadar: Basic Network Troubleshooting Workflow



When you are experiencing one or more problems in your QRadar deployment, it can be necessary to verify that your network environment is functioning correctly.


This document is an overview on what steps might require verification so that QRadar networking functions correctly.

Diagnosing The Problem

The basic steps of eliminating most networking issues as the potential cause of any problems you might be experiencing on your QRadar deployment are as follows:
  1. Establish which Managed Host or Hosts are experiencing problems.
  2. Verify that you have connectivity to the targeted Managed Host or Hosts by using an SSH connection.
  3. Verify that non-Management Interfaces are functioning correctly.
  4. Review the error logs for any indications of Layer 3 and 4 problems.

When everything is functioning correctly from a networking perspective, running down these steps is usually a simple matter. Should you run into problems with any one of these steps, fixing SSH connections may resolve the issue.

Resolving The Problem

Warning: Experienced Linux users might find numerous commonalities between QRadar and any generic Linux OS networking functions. When you are trying to identify problems, supported ways of configuring QRadar networking are significantly different from Linux networking. Check all relevant documentation thoroughly before you attempt to make networking changes. Please contact support when you are unsure. Making incorrect network configuration changes to QRadar can cause significant downtime, or require a factory reset before system can be recovered.

If the problem is found to be with your network environment, this must be addressed by your organization in the appropriate manner.

If you are convinced that the problem is on a QRadar host and you are unsure about how to address it, or if you are unsure about the nature of the problem, please contact IBM Support.

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08 June 2021