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IBM Spectrum Protect: Configuring an Amazon S3 compatible device as a cloud-container storage pool

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How do I configure a storage device that is compatible with the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) protocol so that the device can be used as an IBM Spectrum Protect cloud-container storage pool?


About this task
Amazon S3 buckets are used in the same way as containers in a cloud-container storage pool. You must create a bucket on the S3 compatible storage device for use by an IBM Spectrum Protect server.

After you create the bucket, use the credentials from the account on your Amazon S3 compatible cloud object storage device when you configure storage pools with the DEFINE STGPOOL command.


  1. Create a bucket on the cloud object storage device. Follow the instructions in the device documentation.

    Restriction: If you must edit the bucket, use IBM Spectrum Protect, and do not change the data in the bucket or edit the configuration settings for the bucket.
  2. Create a user account on the cloud object storage device. The account will be used by IBM Spectrum Protect to access the device by using the access key ID and secret access key. Ensure that the account has permission to store data in and delete data from the bucket that you created in step 1. Record the access key ID and the secret access key values so that you can use them when you configure storage pools.
  3. Identify the URL value that will be used by IBM Spectrum Protect to access the cloud object storage device. For instructions, see the documentation for your cloud object storage device.
  4. To define the cloud-container storage pool, issue the DEFINE STGPOOL command with the following values:
    IDENTITY: access_key_id
    PASSWORD: secret_access_key
    CLOUDURL: http://cloud_object_storage_endpoint_IP_address
    BUCKETNAME: name_of_bucket_on_device
    Requirement: If you use more than one endpoint, list the endpoint IP addresses separated by a vertical bar (|), with no spaces, as shown in the following example:

    To optimize performance, use multiple endpoints or a load balancer.

What to do next
Configure cloud-container storage pools in a similar way as you would configure a cloud-container storage pool for IBM Cloud Object Storage by following the instructions in Configuring a cloud-container storage pool for data storage.

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17 June 2018