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Scheduled reports appear to be sending duplicate emails



Some scheduled reports seem to be executing multiple times and sending duplicate emails to the users


One possible cause is described in a separate document. See link below and review if the suggestion provided here is not appropriate.

Diagnosing The Problem

Since Maximo scheduled reports do not indicate the server the report came from it is possible that the "duplicate" emails are not really duplicates at all. They may, in fact, be coming from another Maximo server - such as Test, or Development - and happen to be scheduled at the same time. we have seen this happen multiple times and is a possible cause that needs to be considered.

Resolving The Problem

Review the scheduled reports in all other Maximo environments and ensure that is not the source of the extra emailed reports.

A Best practice you could consider is to put the server name in the email Subject or Comments when the report is scheduled.

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17 June 2018