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How to download, import and test new visualizations into Cognos Analytics 11

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What is the method for downloading and importing Cognos Analytics 11 visualizations into the product before testing them in reports?


Steps to download and import the visualizations

1. Visit the following website to download the Cognos Analytics 11 visualization sample package (zip folder): At the bottom of the page, click the link ‘Visualization Samples Deployment Cognos Analytics 11’.

2. Save the zip folder ‘’ to a location in Windows Explorer.

3. Import the zip file as a deployment file :

4. Select which visualizations you want to import.
5. The newly imported visualizations should now appear in the list under the ‘Library’ tab.

Steps to test the imported visualizations in reports

1. Return to the Cognos Analytics ‘Welcome’ page. Under the ‘New’ tab, select ‘Report’.

2. From the template options available, select ‘Blank Active Report’.

3. Click the ‘Toolbox’ tab from the side panel. Under DATA CONTAINER, drag a ‘Visualization’ into the report workspace.

4. Select one of your newly imported visualizations from the available list.

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18 March 2020