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How to Update Your IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler / Cognos Insight Provisioning Agent - TM1 10.1.X

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Please ensure that you have already reviewed all of the relevant detail on the following page before you proceed:

IBM Cognos TM1 SSL Expiration - Updater Kits - Landing Page

This Technote applies to all versions of TM1 10.1 and TM1 10.1.1



-The provisioning agent is part of the TM1 Application Portal (PMPSVC). When a user installs/opens Performance Modeler or Cognos Insight using the icons from within the PMPSVC portal - a version check occurs. During this check, if the server contains an updated version of the Performance Modeler or Cognos Insight client - users will automatically receive the updates.

-This updater specifically updates the Provisioning Agent on the TM1 Application Portal to ensure that users who launch Performance Modeler or Cognos Insight obtain the new certificates automatically.

-If your TM1 Application Server (PMPSVC) web application is hosted on a different application server than the bundled Tomcat Application server, you will need to recreate your PMPSVC WAR file, and redeploy it to your application server.

-If your TM1 Application Server (PMPSVC) web application uses a different JRE than what is provided by default, ensure that you update the RunSSLProvInst.bat file to point to your JRE path.


  1. The following steps do not necessarily require that your TM1 Application Server be stopped, however it is recommended that you perform these steps when the server is stopped / while you are applying the rest of the certificate changes for the TM1 Application Server ( using the manual steps via )
  2. Download/obtain the TM1RCPSSLProvInst updater from the following location:
  3. You should have the following files:
    • TM1RCPSSLProvInst.jar
    • RunSSLProvInst.bat
  4. Copy the two files above to your <tm1_install_dir>\tm1_64\ directory
  5. Open Windows Command Prompt as an Administrator, and navigate to <tm1_install_dir>\tm1_64\
  6. Execute the following command to update the Provisioning Agent:
    • RunSSLProvInst.bat

      You may also run the application in Test Mode (the script will run however changes will not be made). To run the application in Test Mode use RunSSLProvInst.bat -t
After the above steps have been followed, users who launch IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler / Cognos Insight from the TM1 Application Portal will automatically receive the new SSL Certificates.

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15 June 2018