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QRadar: Clearing the amber light on Dell appliances



After a hardware maintenance or replacement, the amber warning indicators can remain turned on and must be manually cleared.


On Dell QRadar appliances, various hardware events can trigger the amber warning indication on the front panel. Some examples of such events include failed hardware components, loss of power redundancy, component replacement, and even a raise in temperature above set thresholds. Once necessary actions are taken to address the underlying cause, it can be necessary to manually clear the warning.

Resolving The Problem

The amber light can remain turned on even after the underlying problem is addressed. To reset the light, use the following procedure:

  1. If you have not done so before, download the latest DSET utility.
  2. Copy it to affected appliance an appropriate directory such as /root or /tmp
  3. Connect to the server with SSH and root credentials.
  4. Change your working directory to the directory the utility was copied to and give the utility execution permissions with the following command:
    chmod +x dell-dset-lx64-
  5. You can now run the utility:
  6. When prompted, accept the license agreement (You can hit "q" to bypass reading the whole license). Choose Option 6 to clear Dell Hardware Logs.

Results: The amber warning indicator is turned off after a few minutes. If it is not, this can indicate that an issue is still present on the hardware. Follow the instructions in Technote 1971521: QRadar: Required Information for Addressing Dell Hardware Issues in QRadar.

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16 June 2018