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QRadar: Mounting NFS remote stores manually

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How do you create a NFS mount on QRadar from the command line?


When you use NFS, there can be issues with NFS version, mount points, and connectivity. A command line NFS mount can be used to test to the connection to the remote share.


  1. SSH into the QRadar Console.
  2. Mount the NFS shared on the client side by editing the following command:
    mount -t nfs -o options Server_IP_Address:/remote/export /local/directory
    • Server_IP_Address - The hostname, IP address, or fully qualified domain name of the server exporting the file system you choose to mount
    • /remote/export - The file system or directory being exported from the server (the directory you choose to mount)
    • /local/directory - The client location where /remote/export is mounted
    mount -t nfs -o rw,vers=4,Intr,soft /store/nfs

    The NFS shares are mounted on the client side.
More information

The NFS protocol version used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is identified by the mount options nfsvers or vers. By default, mount uses NFSv4 with mount -t nfs. If the server does not support NFSv4, the client automatically steps down to a version supported by the server.

The file system type nfs4 is also available for legacy reasons; this is equivalent to running the command:
mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=4 Server_IP_Address:/remote/export /local/directory.

Some common options used for NFS mounts:
  • Intr - Allows NFS requests to be interrupted if the server goes down or cannot be reached.
  • nfsvers=version - Specifies which version of the NFS protocol to use, where version is 2, 3, or 4. This is useful for hosts that run multiple NFS servers. If no version is specified, NFS uses the highest version supported by the kernel and mount command. The option vers is identical to nfsvers.
  • hard or soft — Specifies whether the program using a file through a NFS connection stops and waits (hard) for the server to come back online, if the host serving the exported file system is unavailable, or if it reports an error instead (soft).

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30 November 2022