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QRadar: Configuring the Sophos database on a dedicated SQL server

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How do you configure a Sophos Enterprise Console that has the database on a dedicated SQL server?


Using a dedicated database for a Sophos Enterprise Console is a special case. In order for QRadar to work with Sophos Enterprise Console the view must be configured on the server that maintains the database.


Before you begin: This is a non-standard configuration where an SQL server is being used to support the custom view instead of Sophos Enterprise Console.

In this case, to configure the Sophos Enterprise Console, the SQL command from the QRadar DSM guide needs to be run on the dedicated SQL server instead of Sophos Enterprise Console CLI.

  1. Log in to the SQL database server.
  2. At command-line, type the following command to create a custom view for your Sophos database to support QRadar:
    CREATE VIEW threats_view AS SELECT t.ThreatInstanceID, t.ThreatType, t.FirstDetectedAt, c.Name, c.LastLoggedOnUser, c.IPAddress, c.DomainName, c.OperatingSystem, c.ServicePack, t.ThreatSubType, t.Priority, t.ThreatLocalID, t.ThreatLocalIDSource, t.ThreatName, t.FullFilePathCheckSum, t.FullFilePath, t.FileNameOffset, t.FileVersion, t.CheckSum, t.ActionSubmittedAt, t.DealtWithAt, t.CleanUpable, t.IsFragment, t.IsRebootRequired, t.Outstanding, t.Status, InsertedAt
    FROM <Database Name>.dbo.ThreatInstancesAll t, <Database Name>.dbo.Computers c
    WHERE t.ComputerID = c.ID;

    • Where <Database Name> is the name of the Sophos database.
    • The database name must not contain any spaces.
This is a non-standard configuration. For the standard Sophos Enterprise Console configuration, refer to the QRadar DSM Guide.

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16 June 2018