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QRadar: Viewing interim fix and patch levels for all systems in a deployment

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How can you view the interim fix and patch levels for all systems in a QRadar environment?


There can be times when you need to verify which version, patch, and interim fix is installed on all devices in a QRadar environment. It is currently only possible to see the major version for all systems from the UI under Admin > System Configuration > System and License Management in the Version column.

You can see the version, patch, and interim fix versions in the UI under Help > About. However, this only contains information for the Console you are logged into and not every managed host in the environment.


To get the version, patch, and interim fix levels from all systems in the QRadar environment, log in to the Console using the root account via SSH connection and run the following command:

/opt/qradar/support/ -C -k /opt/qradar/bin/myver -v

Note: If you have many systems in your environment, you might see that there is too much information to fit on a single screen. You can append | less to the end of the command to view the output with less. Alternatively, you can use > filename.txt to export the contents to a file. The following is an example of how to do print the results to a file:

/opt/qradar/support/ -C -k /opt/qradar/bin/myver -v > myver_output.txt

In this example, a myver_output.txt file is created in the working directory.

In the resulting output, the Core version field represents the installed version, Patch indicates the patch level that is installed, and Interim fix number indicates the interim fix that is installed. If there is no interim fix that is installed, this line is not included in the output.

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16 June 2018