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QRadar: List of Open Mic events and presentations (Updated)

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Administrators who are unable to attend a QRadar Open Mic session can download the presentation materials using the provided links or view the video recording. Each link contains a PDF of the presentation materials and a YouTube link. As new events are held this list will be updated.



Topic More information, slides, and replays
13 Aug 2020 Let's Talk Endpoint Monitoring
18 June 2020 QRadar Analyst Workflow App - Ask Us Anything
14 May 2020 QRadar 7.4.0 Feature Discussion
31 Mar 2020 Let's talk about the QRadar Support forum migration
28 Feb 2020 Let's talk about the Log Source Management App

Learn how to troubleshoot log source protocols and features of the Log Source Management app. Get the app today:
21 Feb 2020 QRadar Community Edition V7.3.3 Launch Event
4 Dec 2019 Let's Talk About Support Tools
30 Oct 2019 QRadar on Cloud (QRoC) Self Assist App discussion
25 April 2019 Maintaining QRadar 101
13 February 2019 Think 2019: Let's talk QRadar 7.3.2 features
NOTE: No replay available
18 December 2018 Looking for Windows Endpoint Detection? Let's talk Sysmon
5 December 2018 User Behavior Analytics v3.0 discussion
26 October 2018 Let's talk about domains and tenants
21 September 2018 QRadar Support 101: WinCollect troubleshooting & discussion
28 August 2018 QRadar app round table discussion
25 July 2018 QRadar software updates and best practice admin checklist
19 March 2018 Think 2018 Live Sessions
27 February 2018 Let's talk about QRadar Cloud Architecture
29 November 2017 Let's talk about QRadar Custom Event Properties
23 August 2017 App Development & Troubleshooting QRadar App Development and Troubleshooting
17 August 2017 WinCollect & SuperCharger: Native Windows Event Collection

Presented by IBM and
This event was paneled by QRadar Experts, but was not a standard IBM Open Mic event. Sign-up at a non-IBM site is required to watch this replay: QRadar WinCollect and Native Windows Event Collection: How to Do It Right, Filter the Noise and Simplify your Infrastructure
08 June 2017 Optimizing QRadar Advisor with Watson
16 May 2017 Tuning QRadar
21 March 2017 Let's Talk About QRadar 7.3.0 Features
08 March 2017 Vulnerability and Risk Management with QRadar
23 February 2017 QRadar Advisor with Watson: Requirements and Overview
26 January 2017 Let's talk about Threat Intelligence for QRadar
15 December 2016 Let's talk about the MSRPC protocol
12 October 20016 Let's talk about new features in QRadar 7.2.8
01 September 2016 Let's talk about QRadar Support Forums and WinCollect 7.2.4
11 August 2016 Let's talk about apps and extensions for QRadar
22 June 2016 QRadar 7.2.7 new features discussion
18 May2016 Ask us anything about QRadar
28 April 2016 Let's talk about QRadar log source protocols
13 April 2016 Using AQL in advanced searches
15 Dec 2015 New features in QRadar 7.2.6
24 August 2015 Let's talk about Log Source Extensions (LSXs)
10 June 2015 QRadar 7.2.5 new features discussion
17 March 2015 Rules and Offenses (Part 1)
28 January 2015 Let's talk about QRadar assets
10 December 2014 Searching your QRadar data efficiently
29 October 2014 System notifications and error messages
30 September 2014 QRadar installations and upgrades: best practices
26 August 2014 Let's talk about Windows event collection & WinCollect
29 July 2014 QRadar flows overview
18 June 2014 QRadar events overview
QRadar Open Mic Replay Playlist on the IBM Security Support YouTube Channel

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