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AUDIT LIBRARY process is failed with ANR8479W



"audit library" process is failed with ANR8479W message. ANR2017I Administrator ADMIN issued command: AUDIT LIBRARY lib3310 checklabel=barcode (SESSION: xxxx) ANR0984I Process 34 for AUDIT LIBRARY started in the BACKGROUND at 16:14:09. (SESSION: xxxx, PROCESS: 34) ANR8457I AUDIT LIBRARY: Operation for library LIB3310 started as process 34. (SESSION: xxxx, PROCESS: 34) ANR8479W Unable to audit slot-element 4168 of library LIB3310. (SESSION: xxxx, PROCESS: 34) ANR8460E AUDIT LIBRARY process for library LIB3310 failed. (SESSION: xxxx, PROCESS: 34) ANR0985I Process 34 for AUDIT LIBRARY running in the BACKGROUND completed with completion state FAILURE at 16:14:33. (SESSION: xxxx, PROCESS: 34)


User has checked in cleaner cartridge as private or scratch by mistake, so audit process is failed with above error.

query libvol
Library Name       Volume Name      Status       Element
--------------     ------------     ----------   ----------
LIB3310            CLNU14           Scratch      4,168

Resolving The Problem

run the following command to checkin the cartridge as cleaner.

1. checkout libvol library_name volume_name checklablel=no remove=no
2. checkin libvol library_name search=yes checklabel=barcode status=cleaner cleanings=xx

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17 June 2018