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TM1Web does not show any TM1 Servers in the server dropdown



After applying an update to TM1, TM1Web no longer shows any servers in the available server dropdown list. Other applications (if installed), such as PMPSVC... show that the servers are available / accessible.


Corrupted Cryptography Keys

Resolving The Problem

In this particular case TM1Web doesn't show any available servers in the drop down list . No matter what adminhost supplied (localhost, non localhost, ip address FQDN, etc). All usual suspect in this case where tested; however, same result of no servers in the drop down list. After regenerating the crypto keys TM1 servers where then available via the drop down list.

Steps to Regenerate TM1 Cryptography Keys

  1. From the Start Menu, open Cognos Configuration for TM1
  2. From the File menu, click Export As and save the configuration information in a decrypted format. When naming the file, use a name such as "decrypted.xml". You are prompted to acknowledge that the export is an insecure operation depending on the version of Cognos being used.
  3. Move decrypted.xml to TM1_location/configuration directory.
  4. Stop all IBM Cognos TM1 Services on the server
  5. Back up any existing cryptographic keys by saving the appropriate files and directories to an alternate location outside the Cognos install directory.
    • The files are:
      • TM1_location/configuration/cogstartup.xml
      • TM1_location/configuration/caSerial
      • TM1_location/configuration/cogconfig.prefs
      • TM1_location/configuration/coglocale.xml
      • TM1_location/temp/CAM/freshness
    • The directories are:
      • TM1_location/configuration/csk
      • TM1_location/configuration/encryptkeypair
      • TM1_location/configuration/signkeypair
  6. Now that they are backed up, delete/remove the files/folders listed in step 5
  7. Rename the file 'decrypted.xml' to 'cogstartup.xml'. Important: In the TM1_location/configuration directory, the file must use the name 'cogstartup.xml'.
  8. Open Cognos Configuration and Click on save icon. This would re-generate the cryptographic keys.
  9. Start TM1 back up and retest to see if the problem had been resolved.

Related Information

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15 June 2018