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Maximo 76 Ad Hoc Quick Reference Sheet

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How do I maximize my use and understanding of Ad Hoc (QBR) reporting in Maximo 7.6?


Ad Hoc reporting empowers your business and power users to create their own reports on the fly. This can significantly reduce the number of custom reports you need to create and maintain.

With Maximo 7.6, the ad hoc reporting features have been extended to enable the use of summaries and calculations. These added features greatly expand the types of ad hoc reports your users can create.

To maximize your understanding of these new features, new resources are available to you. A large number of demo recordings can be viewed here to highlight these new features for you.

Additionally, a new workbook has been developed. This is composed of multiple sheets corresponding to the tabs within the Ad Hoc reporting dialog. Each worksheet reviews the individual buttons, lookups, actions and business rules on that particular tab. This is intended as an easily accessible, quick reference guide as you learn the new ad hoc features.

*Note: Starting with Maximo, additional ad hoc configuration options are available. To review these features, and the related documentation, access the workbook for Maximo and later versions here

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17 June 2018