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Maximo 7.6: Reporting Options and Comparisons

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What reporting options are available in Maximo 7.6? What factors should I take into consideration when selecting a reporting tool?


IBM Maximo ® collects vast amounts of data through the various applications, and enables you to transform, visualize and act on the data thru its Business Intelligence (BI) tools. With these BI tools, you can realize the full power and benefits of applying Maximo in your organization.

The traditional and major component of the BI Tools is reporting. Whether day to day, month or quarter end, ad hoc or analytic reports, Maximo provides you a depth of tools and solutions to choose from.

Enabling your report choices is Maximo's Open Reporting Architecture. It has been designed to enable you to utilize the reporting tool or tools that is best for your unique business, regulatory, user and project needs.

In Maximo 76, the Open Reporting Architecture includes four key options: BIRT, Cognos Reporting, External Report Integration and the Open Database Platform.

This document provides an overview of each of these report options. It then reviews a list of features that you may want to take into consideration when comparing specific reporting tools.

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17 June 2018