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QRadar Offboard Storage: ISCSI Qualified Name (IQN) may change after a QRadar upgrade or reinstall



The iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) from the target and host are unique. If you patch or upgrade a system were the OS revision is updated or reinstall an appliance, then the IQN could change which requires the connection to be re-established at the storage side.


After an administrator upgrades QRadar system where the patch contains with an operating system upgrade or the administrator completes a reinstall the offboard storage is not available or attached. When you try to mount the storage, an error is generated because a valid device cannot be found. An investigation using dmesg (display message) returns the error "test WP failed, assume Write Enabled".
If you test these using a tool as fsck you will get a bad superblock message.

Despite all efforts you cannot mount the device, which is due to an IQN mismatch.


The IQN has changed from rebuilding or upgrading


iSCSI offboard attach

Diagnosing The Problem

You need to contact your storage administrator to verify the storage connection.

Resolving The Problem

The storage admin needs to re-authenticate and assign the new system to those devices. The IPs may be the same but the IQNs could be different and need to be authorized by the storage administrator.

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02 April 2020