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IBM HourGlass provides support for time simulation in z/OS. With HourGlass, any date and time that can be represented by the underlying computer hardware can be simulated, such as past, present, or future, without changing application code or modifying the MVS system clock.




HourGlass PTF's to support CICS Transaction Server V5.5 for z/OS

  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI62386
  • HourGlass V6.1 PTF UI62414

HourGlass PTF's to support DB2 V12.1 for z/OS

  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI42377
  • HourGlass V6.1 PTF UI42370

HourGlass PTF's to support LE/370 V2.30 for z/OS

  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI53075
  • HourGlass V6.1 PTF UI53074

HourGlass PTF's to support TSO & RACF 8 character User ID support in z/OS V2.3

  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI53180
  • HourGlass V6.1 PTF UI53179


Recently Released HourGlass PTF's

Batch Interface Enhancements - batch create / delete functionality added.
  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI60596
Inadvertent use of new opcodes results in S0C1 in AGGLSSTC at startup of HourGlass on hardware older than z10 processors.
  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI48867
  • HourGlass V6.1 PTF UI48863

LE370 update:
  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI54185
  • HourGlass V6.1 PTF UI54187

LE370 (z/OS V2.3 or above) now uses the STCKE instruction to obtain it's time values to support IBM 2nd Epoch date and times.
  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI93673
  • HourGlass V6.1 PTF UI93683

Usermods for the HourGlass integration patches.
  • HourGlass V7.1 PTF UI92900

NEW HourGlass library page.
You can also access the library page from the HourGlass home page under Resource library at the bottom of web page

HourGlass Maintenance Web site for list of current support and PTF's:

IBM HourGlass V7.1 -
IBM HourGlass V6.1 -

More information about IBM HourGlass.

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