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System data for Maximo Anywhere cannot be downloaded



System data is automatically downloaded when a user first logs in to the Maximo Anywhere app. If the download fails, the user cannot log in. There are several reasons why system data might fail to download. The user might have lost the connection to the server. If the user is connected to the server, then the security group permissions for sites and for labor records need to be set for that user.


The following message displays:

"System data could not be downloaded. Without system data, you cannot use the app. Restart the app and try to log in again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator."

Resolving The Problem

In the Security Groups application of Maximo Asset Management, grant authorization to labor records and to at least one site for the security groups with which the user is associated.

For details, refer to the Authorizations for security groups topic in the Maximo Asset Management information center.

For information on adding users to the predefined Maximo Anywhere security groups, see Adding users to the Maximo Anywhere security groups.

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