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Perl hook code should not allow a user to modify a record if user does not belong to that particular record.

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How do you write a Perl hook code in IBM Rational ClearQuest to not allow a user (who is currently logged in) to modify a record if you are not the "Submitter" or "Assignee" or "Owner" of that particular record?


You would not want a user who has no role for a particular record or does not have permissions to modify that record to have any control on the record modifications.



  1. Login to IBM Rational ClearQuest Designer.

  2. CheckOut the Schema

  3. Click on Record Types - Go to Record - States and Actions - Actions

  4. Click on Modify action.
    Under the Validation Column (row should be "modify"), select Perl as your script and write the below
    Note - The Record Type is Defect in this case.

    Hook code-

    sub Defect_Validation {
    my($actionname, $actiontype) = @_;

    my $result;

    $CQSession = $entity->GetSession();
    $username = $CQSession->GetUserLoginName();

    $SubmitterName = $entity->GetFieldValue("Submitter")->GetValue();
    $OwnerName = $entity->GetFieldValue("Owner")->GetValue();
    $AssigneeName = $entity->GetFieldValue("Assignee")->GetValue();

    if ($SubmitterName ne $username && $OwnerName ne $username && $AssigneeName ne $username)
    $result = "Modification not allowed for this record. This record does not belong to you.";

    return $result;


  5. Save the work.

  6. Perform "Validation" and check if you see any errors. If no errors, perform a "Test Work"

  7. Verify in the Test Database, if it is working as expected.

  8. Once verified in the Test DB, checkin the Schema and Upgrade the "Database".


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16 June 2018