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Collecting data for: Read first for DASH for JazzSM



Use this document to quickly find the appropriate MustGather for issues in the DASH service in Jazz for Service Management. A separate collection guide is provided for each of the following areas: General Issues, Installation, Performance, and Security


For every problem, collecting data can aid in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs), particularly if the data is gathered before opening the PMR with IBM® Support.

Resolving The Problem

Collecting MustGather data early, even before opening the PMR, helps IBM® Support quickly determine if:

  • Symptoms match known problems (rediscovery).
  • There is a non-defect problem that can be identified and resolved.
  • There is a defect that identifies a workaround to reduce severity.
  • Locating root cause can speed up a development code fix.

MustGather table of contents:

Gathering Component Specific Information
Submitting Information to IBM Support
On-line Self-Help Resources

Gathering Component Specific Information
Click the appropriate link below to access the associated MustGather document for the problem you are experiencing in DASH.

General Issues
Enabling tracing for DASH service in Jazz for Service Management
Setting the trace level in DASH for JazzSM from the command line

Install Issues
MustGather: for DASH for JazzSM - Installation failure

Tivoli Widget Library (TWL) Issues
MustGather: for TWL for JazzSM - Tivoli Widget Library

Security Issues
DASH leverages Websphere Application Server security functions. The following Websphere Application Server technical notes should be used for security related issues:
MustGather: for Websphere Application Server - Security Problems
MustGather: for Websphere Application Server - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) problems
Troubleshooting security issue may require disabling security. The following technical includes the instructions to disable security.
Disable security for Websphere Application Server

Performance Issues
Enable verboseGC for Websphere Application Server
MustGather: Performance, hang, or high CPU issues in Websphere Application Server run on AIX
MustGather: Websphere Application Server Crash on AIX
MustGather: Websphere Application Server Crash on Linux
MustGather: OutOfMemory errors in Websphere Application Server running on AIX, Linux, or Windows

Websphere Application Server Stop/Start Issues
MustGather: for Websphere Application Server - Start and stop problems
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Submitting Information to IBM Support

Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support
If using SR, update the PMR to indicate that data has been sent.

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Online Self-Help Resources
  • Utilize the IBM Service Request (SR) tool to access the Tivoli Storage Manager Support team, when requiring assistance from IBM.

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17 June 2018