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Global Data Restrictions

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Is it possible to have a global data restriction for all users in Maximo?


In the Select Action menu of the Security Groups application there is a Global Data Restriction option.

This allows you to create a data restriction for all Maximo users at an Object or Attribute level.

In the Object restriction there are three types.

The first type is QUALIFIED and will only display records meeting the criteria of the associated condition.

The second type is HIDDEN which will mask any data meeting the criteria not meeting the criteria of the condition with the character set in the webclient.mask property in the System Properties.

The third type for Object level restrictions is READONLY which makes records meeting the criteria read only.

For Attribute level restrictions the three types are HIDDEN, REQUIRED, and READONLY

The Application field allows you to set a restriction for against an object or attribute but for a specific application.
If left unchecked the restriction will apply to anywhere the group member encounters that object/attribute.

You could have multiple restriction rows for multiple applications which may or may not have the same conditions associated to them.

The Condition field is where you associate your condition which determines the criteria for what records the restrictions will affect.

Conditions are created in the Conditional Expression Manager application, and once saved can be selected anywhere in Maximo that a condition can selected.

The Reevaluate checkbox determines whether Maximo will re-evaluate the restriction at any event or just one time.

Based on desired functionality and possibly performance you would check or uncheck this option.

Once you save the restriction it acts like any other security change, in that the user would need to have all active sessions end and then log in for the security changes to re-load and bring in the changes.

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17 June 2018