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NzAdmin Event options grayed out or unavailable

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Why are NzAdmin Event rules grayed out?


Either the version or port channel is out of sync between the client and the host.


One of the two issues below is likely the culprit:

  1. NzAdmin version is different from that of NPS host
    • for example, if your version of NzAdmin is v6.0.5, then the NPS host should also be at v6.0.5 (patch levels should be as close as possible)
    • to check the versions, from NzAdmin, Help -> About NzAdmin (this will show the versions for BOTH the client and the host)
    • to download a different version of the NzAdmin client, go to: IBM Fix Central at
  2. NzAdmin port numbers, described below, are different from those on NPS host
    • If you change one of the channel port numbers below on the NPS host, you must also change the same port on the client.
    • You can override the default port by setting the NZ_DMBS_PORT environment variable (for example) to the desired port number, on both your client and host.

      5480 NZ_DBMS_PORT postgres port for the nzsql command,etc
      5481 NZ_CLIENT_MGR_PORT port for the CLI and NzAdmin tool
    • To check the port settings on Windows NzAdmin: Control Panel->System->Advanced
    tab->Environment Variables->System Variable->NZ_CLIENT_MGR_PORT. If no
    environment variable is set, then you did not change the default setting.

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