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IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager 10.2 Issues - Important fix available

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A fix is available that resolves a number of issues with payment schedule processing and straight-line functionality in the IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager, version 10.2. These fixes are included in all newer Application releases.


An object migration package is available through that resolves a number of issues with payment schedule processing in the IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager, version 10.2. The object migration package resolves the following issues with payment schedule and straight line functionality after activating the real estate (RE) lease contract form when a payment schedule was created from the Generate Payment Schedule form. It's important that this package be applied in IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate 10.2 applications prior to activating leases to avoid these problems.

These changes are included in all newer Application Releases

    • An amortization schedule record was not created. The Include In Amortization Schedule check box is now checked by default.
    • A $0.00 payment line item (PLI) was created because the Pro Rata Basis field was blank. The Pro Rata Basis field is now marked as required.
    • Daylight Saving Time (DST) caused the Pro Rata Basis formula for Actual Month Day to be off by one day. Corrected the formula to calculate the amount of the partial last payment.
    • The Currency Exchange Date field was only mapped in the first payment schedule record. Now all Payment Schedule records have a value in the Currency Exchange Date field. This is a read- only field on the payment schedule.
    • Multiple payment schedules with partial first payment and partial last payment with different payment types and overlapping dates caused a missing PLI. The missing PLI is now created.
    • Payment schedules with a From Date and To Date within the same year remained in a Processing status. The payment schedule status now changes from Processing to Scheduled and the PLI is created.
    • Using the Add action on the Payment Schedule section filled in the Partial First Payment section and generated two PLIs for the first month. The Partial First Payment section is no longer filled in when using the Add action and only one PLI is generated for the first month of the payment schedule.
    • In certain situations, the PLI for the overlapping month between two PLIs was generated with an incorrect partial payment amount. The partial payment amount is now calculated correctly.
    • When a payment schedule was created that did not start on the first of the month, and did not end on the last day of the month, PLIs were created incorrectly. The PLIs are now created correctly with correct Partial First Payment and Partial Last Payment PLI records.
    • The PLI for a partial last payment was created, but the due date was blank when the PLI was manually entered on the payment schedule. Updating the Day of Month value no longer populates the Partial Last Payment section if the end date lands on the last day of the month.
    • An extra PLI was created for a payment schedule when the Start Date and End Date values were within the same month, and when the Start Date was not on the first day of the month. Only one PLI with a partial amount is now created.
    • Expected Accrual and Expected Expense values were being incorrectly calculated for straight line purposes when the first month payment is split between 2 payments. This could be required, for example, in a scenario involving a rent deal where the renter is provided a half month free and the rentor wants to track both the free rent and the partial rent. Modifications to the calculation of the straight-line values were modified to handle situations like this.
This object migration package also resolves an issue when copying an RE lease:
    • The Copy action on the RE lease did not copy the data in the payment schedule. The Copy action now copies the payment schedule data into the payment schedule of the copied RE lease.
An enhancement that adds one-time payment functionality to the payment schedule wizard is included in the object migration package.
    • In the Payment Parameters section on the Generate Payment Schedule form, if the user selects the Frequency option, then selects Other, only the First Payment Date and the First Payment Amount will be visible to allow the user to input the payment date and the amount that needs to be paid. When the RE lease is activated, only one PLI is generated.
If you are experiencing any of these issues or would like more information, please contact IBM TRIRIGA Support through the online Service Request system.

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15 August 2018